4 Convincing Reasons Each Student Should Keep a Goldfish

how to care for a goldfish When they think about having a pet, many people think of cats or dogs as their companions. Taking care of fishes and having an aquarium is not something that many people would die for. As for the students, they are part of a distinctive category. When you are in […]

how to breed goldfish

how to breed goldfish In the Video above the way I breed the goldfish is by hand breeding First I identify the goldfish gender and separate the female from the males Next when the female goldfish abdomen is swollen already. I add two males in the breeding tank I check in the early morning if […]

simple guide to aquarium filtration

simple guide to aquarium filtration To have poison free aquarium water, filtration process is a very important to aquarist. Since most aquarists are aware of the fact that their aquarium water accumulates harmful substances, which poison their fishes. To prevent this from happening there is need for filtration here’s the simple guide to aquarium filtration […]

how to care for guppy you need to know

how to care for guppy fry how to care for guppy Guppies are perhaps the most popular type of freshwater fish to keep in an aquarium. Luckily, they are fairly easy to keep as well. Guppies are hardy fish that can adjust easily to minor fluctuations in water quality.   However, don’t allow these fluctuations […]

how to breed guppy fish 2019 Unveiled the effective secret

how to breed guppy fish guide steps by steps to follow   how to breed guppy fish Breeding Guppies Is Easy And Here You Will Find All The Information You Will Need Breeding Guppies Couldn’t be easier, it really is a good fish to start with. Sexual Characteristics Female guppy fish THE GRAVID SPOT Breeders […]

common pleco Complete Guide: Species, Care, Tank Requirements

Plecostomus, or Plecos, are a group of armored catfish that belong to the Loricariidae family. They are by far the most popular catfish amongst fish keepers and in total there are well over 150 species. The most in demand member of this family is called the Common Pleco and can grow up to 24 inches […]

indian almond leaves for betta 5 health benefits for your betta fish

indian almond leaf 5 Amazing proven health benefits list   Buy this indian almond leaves now for only $15 at 20 pcs free shipping Buy now https://www.giobelkoicenter.com/product/indian-almond-leaves/ indian almond leaf locally known here in my place as  “Talisay leaf” is commonly used as betta fish breeding stimulant by local betta fish breeders but the breeders here […]

types of guppies

types of guppies Moscows Moscows originate from Russia, arriving in East Germany and then spreading around the world from there. The first Moscows to find their way to Germany looked like what we now call “Metal Heads.” Today the name Moscow is usually applied to solid blue Moscows Mr. Kaden identifies two different strains of […]

how to clean acrylic aquarium

how to clean acrylic aquarium how to clean acrylic aquarium The practice of keeping aquariums came about in the late 1800’s. They were fairly crude. Usually these ancient aquariums only had one side that was made of glass, with the other three sides being made of metal or wood. Most aquariums consisted of fish that […]

aquarium aeration essential factor to aquarium fish

aquarium aeration Properly aerating your aquarium allows your fish to breathe properly, which is essential for good health. The devices most commonly used to increase aeration in fish tanks are filters, power heads, air stones, and aerating decorations. Use whatever combination you like to provide your fish with the oxygen they require. As we all […]

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