what to feed saltwater fish

what to feed saltwater fish Anyone who has ever had a pet knows that one of the first things a responsible pet owner does is make sure their pet has a balanced diet.   They know that the healthy their pets eat, the more likely they are to lead long and healthy lives. Fish kept […]

A Sprinkle of Salty Fun Saltwater Aquarium

Having a saltwater aquarium can be fun and rewarding or can be upsetting if a person lacks knowledge on the proper and right ways of taking care of fish especially in the saltwater aquarium. Setting up one requires some equipment to be used for the success of your saltwater aquarium. Filters and air pump are […]

how to setup a saltwater aquarium

Following on from our introduction to saltwater aquariums this segment is designed to give you some idea of a typical saltwater aquarium setup. The type of saltwater aquarium setup you choose depends on a few factors. For example, the kinds of species you want to stock, the space you have available, and your budget. In […]

how to do water change on saltwater aquarium

how to do water change on saltwater aquarium As with people fish thrive when kept in an environment as close to their own as possible. For this reason aquariums should be carefully structured to imitate the natural environments of the species it is home to as closely as possible. Even if it is not possible […]

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