Breeding Of Fish In Rice-Fish Systems

Most rice-fish producers cannot control predators in their fields, and it is difficult to find fish egg larger than 7 cm. Therefore, it would be advisable to produce fish in a nursery where they can grow, so that it is safe from predators. You must take care of the fish until it reaches a definite […]

Why is This Bird Feeding Goldfish?

why is this bird feeding goldfish Why is This Bird Feeding Goldfish? I was so amazed with this story Posted by National Geographic  Why I was amazed on this? This is very unique since the bird make friends with the fish unlike my case where the bird king fisher The king fisher bird always attach […]

4 Explanations To Cook Fresh Seafood At Home

Today’s fast-paced life has made processed foods and low-fat refined carbs popular. These promote obesity and are not healthy at all. However, there is a growing revolution for fresh food especially from the Maldives. This has led to the realization that fresh seafood is very versatile and a more healthier option to include in your […]

5 Tuna Products Sea Food lovers Must Try what you need to know 2018

Eating fish has tremendous benefits to the body. It gets even better if you can consume your fish fresh. The best fresh fish to eat is yellowfin tuna from the Maldives. This is the best source of sustainably sourced fish. You don’t have to be on the next boat to the Maldives. A simple Google […]

Best 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Eating Wild Caught Fish

One of the favorite sources of lean protein is fish. Sea fish is a healthy and tasty food to eat for its high content of protein and vitamin D. Additionally, fish is a wonderful source of Omega-3 fatty acids that offers countless benefits including lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, promoting brain health, fighting depression and […]

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