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Look no further, we have hundreds of this beautiful fish for sale in many sizes

Koi Philippines “Where quality matters

Philippines today where there are over 4000 koi on display for sale at … All of our Koi’s are free from fish lice (Argulus) or Anchor Worm (Lernea).

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Giobel Koi Center is your one-stop shop everything that has to do with kois. From kois of different colors and sees to various equipment, we have the best ones for you.

koi fish price philippines below is our current koi fish pricing based on the koi fish sizes and koi fish category.

price of koi fish in the philippines these are my koi fish price it really depends on how you believe the worth of your koi fish.

You should consider also the factors in pricing your koi fish like your monthly maintenance for water, electricity and koi food.

Size**Pond Koi*Premium Koi*Select Koi
3″Php 25Php50Php150
4″Php30Php100Php 200
5″Php 50Php150Php 300
6″Php 60Php200Php 400
7″Php 70Php300Php 600
8″Php 80Php 600Php   800
9″Php 90Php 700Php  1000
10″Php150Php 800Php 1500
11″Php160Php 900Php3,200
12″Php180Php 1000Php3,400
13″n/aPhp 1100Php3,500
15″n/aPhp 2000ask

How much does it cost for a koi fish?

It is also true that certain varieties of koi are more expensive than others. A high-quality 6-inch (a white fish with large red patches) may cost $3000. A high-quality oghon (basically a golden, metallic-colored fish) of the same size may cost $100.

Which koi fish is most expensive?

According to Richard Tan, president of the Singapore Koi Club and chairman of the organising committee for the First Asia Cup Koi Show in May 2008, the most expensive koi ever sold went to Japanese companies in the booming 1980s for about 50 million to 100 million yen apiece, or $500,000 to $1,000,000.

How much do baby koi fish cost?

It is also true that certain varieties of koi are more expensive than others. A high-quality 6-inch (a white fish with large red patches) may cost $3000. A high-quality oghon (basically a golden, metallic-colored fish) of the same size may cost $100.

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Actually there is no official price of the Nishikigoi. As the price is not fixed. It is very hard to decide it.

The price of Koi sold by weight can be estimated, but that of koi sold individually cannot be known easily.

On purchasing Nishikigoi, we sometimes mistake the unit, for instance, a dealer shows you five with his fingers meaning the price of a two-year-old Showa and you think five is 50,000 php. You will be shocked to see a bill of 50,000.

The price of koi depends on the relationship between a seller and a buyer. If a buyer shows his earnest desire for koi its seller will raise the price.

On the contrary, when a seller wants to dispose of a koi, he sells it cheap. When a buyer is satisfied with a koi and its price, there is no problem at all.

Expert koi keepers can generally tell the price of koi. Therefore a dealer who sells koi with unreasonable prices would diminish credit, while a dealer who sells them cheap would win reputation.

The balance of the seller and the buyer is important. Then, who decides the price of koi? You had better ask your koi friends to give you good advice when you intend to buy an expensive koi.

You will be free from anxiety if you choose a trustworthy dealer who regularly comes to you.

You will know the price of koi at auction. Generally, the koi sold at auction are not very excellent.

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Top Koi farm listed by Google Maps
Giobel Koi Center
14 m · Labangan, Zamboanga del Sur
0916 336 3518

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Koi fish keepers in Zamboanga City can Purchase us koi fish for sale in zamboanga city

We can Ship it through Rural Bus it will just take 4 hours bus trip

for sale, Good day, selling imported different kinds if koi’s, fit in your landscaping pon.

PhilippinesListed.com has classifieds in Zamboanga City, Zamboanga Peninsula for pets and … premium quality kohaku koi fish 7 inches sizes imported.

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Zamboanga City Koi Club. 1.8K likes. Koi Lover. … For sale Assorted Quality koi 3” siZe Accept wholesale and retail Contact me if interested … Avail fish food.

Aquatic supplies and tropical fish zamboanga city. @giobelkoicenter. Home · About …. Good quality of koi and a lot of koi to choose from.

Areas that we can ship through Rural bus are Pulacan Zamboanga del sur , Tukuran ,   Ramon Magsaysay Aurora , kapatagan, lala, Salvador, Baroy, Tubod, Magsaysay, Kolambugan, Maigo, Bacolod, Poona Piagapo, Kauswagan, Pantao Ragat, Matungao, Linamon, Baloi, Iligan City, Bayug, Lugait, Manticao, Naawan, Initiao, Laguindingan, El Salvador City, Cagayan de OroTangub City, Ozamiz City, Oroquieta City, Aloran, Calamba, Plaridel, Dapitan City, Dinas, Dimataling, Tabina, Buug, Imelda, Payao, Alicia, Mabuhay, Olutanga, Titay, Tungawan, Sacol Island, Zamboanga City, Subuco, Sirawai, Siocon, Baliguian, Labason, Liloy Salug, Sindangan, Jose Dalman, Manukan

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Our wholesale koi, supplies, food, and more are ready for you to sell and impress your customers. Choose us as your wholesale pond supplier for the best koi

Looking for quality koi fish? Look no further, we have hundreds of this beautiful fish for sale in many sizes and varieties to suit all budgets

Why are koi fish so special?

Why are koi fish so popular – What do they signify? … Koi fish are always at ease in the water, flowing as the tide runs deep under water. Feng shui, a spiritual form of organization and placement of objects, says that having the spirit of the koi near you will attract good luck, fortune, and spiritual benefits

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