how to build a koi pond made up of tarpaulin fish pond(trapal)

https://youtu.be/pK4Ga0yGB4wMe building trapal pond tarpulin fish pond  how to build a koi pond made up of tarpaulin fish pond (trapal) how to build a koi pond. (trapal pond)is the Favorite choice of poor man’s koi fish keeper and koi fish breeders here in the Philippines. It is easy to build though it won’t last long at least you […]

Koi pond construction guide how to build a koi pond you need to know

Koi fish color meaning in koi fish tattoo what you need to know 2019Koi pond construction guide  How to Build A Water Garden or Fish Pond Koi mud pond construction video watch here Calculators and other OnLine tools to help plan & build a water garden or pond! Pond Volume Calculator Pond Liner Size Calculator […]

how to build trapal pond

Steps in Building Trapal pond Step 1 I cut bamboo pole into sticks watch video below   Step 2 I assemble the frame watch the video below   Step 3 I install the trapal tarpaulin an cheap alternative to pond liner Watch video below Note. Please don’t expose the trapal pond direct sunlight it will make […]

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