An Introduction To Koi Ponds

An Introduction To Koi Ponds Koi ponds have become a popular hobby in the world, and the reasons are clear as to why. Koi are beautiful, vibrant fish that can literally light your day. Koi come in many colors, varieties, and kinds, so it is likely that everyone in the world can find at least […]

Your Koi Pond After The Storm

Your Koi Pond After The Storm   Your Koi Pond After The Storm First off, take time to breath. You pride and joys are probably fine. They may be somewhat traumatized by the whole experience, but that would be any pet caught in unusual situation.   Unless extreme damage was done, their health probably is […]

Essential koi pond supplies

koi pond supplies koi pond supplies  As a new Koi pond owner, you may be overwhelmed with the amount of supplies needed to properly maintain your Koi pond.   While the importance of the majority of these items cannot be denied, the feeling of being overwhelmed by the amount needed should be disregarded.   Simply […]

koi pond plants the Best Pond Plants for Koi Ponds

Choosing Plants For Your Koi Water Garden So you finally finished your water garden construction. You have finally come to the fun part of creating your water garden: pickingthe flowers and plants that will make your water garden a beautiful oasis. Not only should you consider beauty when you are picking your plants, but you […]

keeping a koi pond clean

keeping a koi pond clean Keeping you Koi pond clean should be one of your number one priorities. A clean pond could mean the difference between you Koi living a beautiful stress free life, and potentially suffering until they ultimately die. The water in which your Koi live is not only where they eat, sleep, […]

koi pond summer

koi pond summer Summer is considered one of the best and more vibrant times for your Koi pond. Temperatures are beautiful, and you are more able to enjoy your pond then during the cold Winter months.   However, by no means, should your maintenance drop during the summer months. Remembering a few things during the […]

pond aerator how to add oxygen to koi pond

koi pond needs oxygen since koi fish consumed all the disolve oxygen in the koi pond also helps promote the health of your koi pond read this article to understand aeration Your Koi need oxygen to breathe, just like you. Aeration places oxygen in the water so that the fish can breathe it in through […]

cleaning koi pond in spring

cleaning koi pond in spring Making sure your pond is ready for the coming seasons should not take you more then a weekend to complete, and will ensure that you have a successful water garden for the remainder of the year.   Your Koi pond will literally come to life at the first of springtime. […]

building a koi pond How to Create an Eco Environment for Your Koi Fish

Here’s another video of me installing the tarpaulin trapal cheap alternative pond liner Koi fish can be a beautiful, colorful addition to a garden, which is why many homeowners choose to incorporate them into their ponds. If you are considering adding koi into your landscape, find out how to create an eco-environment for your koi […]

preventing koi fish overpopulation

Koi fish overpopulation is one of the hardest problems to deal with when it comes Koi ponds. Once you have to many fish in your pond, severe problems can occur, and potentially cause death among your fish. There are a few ways to help prevent koi fish overpopulation. While you are never guaranteed that it […]

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