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10 tips setting up outdoor goldfish pond

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10 tips setting up outdoor goldfish pond that you need to know

  1. Consider the space you have available for your goldfish pond
  2. f you have a large space, you’ll need to consider how many goldfish you want in your goldfish pond
  3. Research goldfish pond designs that suit the area you have available. You can sketch a design of how you want your outdoor goldfish pond to look
  4. Gather the necessary equipment like pond underlayment, pond liner, a shovel, coping stones, a filter system and goldfish plants
  5. Dig out an area for your  outdoor goldfish pond according to the plan that you are following
  6. The space you dig should have a depth of at least 2 feet for ordinary goldfish and for fancy goldfish, the maximum will be just 10 inch they need shallow water to prevent them having a swim bladder diseases due to high-pressure in-depth water
  7.  Line the interior of the pond with the pond underlayment and liner and inspect the surroundings if there are sharp objects that will prick the pond liner
  8. install a high-quality filtration system I advice using an airlift filtration system it can save power it will serve a dual purpose since the pump just uses air to push the water to the filter media.
  9. After installing the filter system, put in your goldfish plants pond
  10. Make sure the water will have constant temperature my advice is put a roofing a plastic roofing so that the sunlight can penetrate but the rain and cold air cannot sudden water temperature can stress the goldfish


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