pearlscale goldfish

The Pearlscale (or Chinshurin in Japanese) is a spherical-bodied fancy goldfish with doubled finnage similar to the fantail.

Pearlscale Goldfish are some of the hardier species of goldfish and can be kept by beginners. They are very undemanding of water quality and temperature.

Usually kept in well maintained goldfish aquariums, the Pearlscale can reach a length of about 4-6 inches and live at least 10-15 years. It’s considered

The Crown Pearlscale Goldfish derived its common name from its iridescent, pearl-like scales and the crown atop its head, similar to an oranda variety. The Crown Pearlscale Goldfish is found in a variety of colors, including red, orange, black, and white, and is almost always a combination of colors.

This ancient Chinese variety can be identified by its rotund body, double caudal fins, and pearl-like markings on the sides of its body. Each scale has a raised whitish center, making it look as if a pearl is embedded in it.

The variegated red-and-white form is the most common Pearlscale, but there is a lso nacreous variety that resembles the Shubunkin in coloration.

Pearlscales are not strong swimmers, and are usually kept in aquariums rather than ponds, where their distinctive appearance is easier to appreciate.

Chocolate Pearlscale
The depth of chocolate coloration can vary from reddish-brown to a much darker brown.

Chocolate pearlscale goldfish

Variegated Pearlscale goldfish

Variegated Pearlscale

The pearl-like markings are evident on this goldfish, even against the white areas of the body. These goldfish do not grow especially large.

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crown pearlscale goldfish

The Crown Pearlscale Goldfish derived its common name from its iridescent, pearl-like scales and the crown atop its head, similar to an oranda variety

Name, Crown Pearlscale. Japanese name, Hamanishiki. Year of Origin, 1975 (introduced in 1978). Country of Origin, Japan. Breeder, Shigeo Watanabe. History …Year of Origin‎: ‎1975 (introduced in 1978)Breeder‎: ‎Shigeo WatanabeCountry of Origin‎: ‎JapanJapanese name‎: ‎Hamanishiki

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