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Ryukin Goldfish 101: Your Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Care and Maintenance

Red white Ryukin Goldfish

Ryukin goldfish, also known as the Japanese Ryukin, is a beautiful and popular variety of goldfish that has been bred in Japan for over 200 years. This fish is a true work of art, with its distinctive hump on the back and its long, flowing fins that create a dramatic, sweeping effect as it swims.

The Ryukin goldfish is a hardy and adaptable species that can thrive in a variety of aquarium environments. They are a great choice for both beginners and experienced fish keepers, as they are easy to care for and can add a touch of elegance and beauty to any tank.

Appearance and Characteristics

Ryukin goldfish are known for their unique appearance, which sets them apart from other goldfish varieties. They have a deep, rounded body with a pronounced hump on their back, which gives them a distinctive silhouette. Their fins are long and flowing, with a graceful, sweeping motion as they swim.

Ryukin goldfish come in a variety of colors, including red, orange, white, and black. Some also have metallic scales that shimmer in the light, adding to their beauty.

These fish can grow up to 8 inches in length and have a lifespan of up to 10 years, although with proper care, they can live even longer.

Tank Requirements

When it comes to housing Ryukin goldfish, it is important to provide them with a spacious and well-maintained tank. A minimum tank size of 20 gallons is recommended for one Ryukin goldfish, with an additional 10 gallons for each additional fish.

These fish are sensitive to water quality, so it is important to keep their tank clean and well-maintained. A good filtration system and regular water changes are essential to keeping them healthy and happy.

Ryukin goldfish are also sensitive to temperature changes, so it is important to maintain a consistent water temperature between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.


Ryukin goldfish are omnivores and will eat a variety of foods, including flakes, pellets, and live or frozen foods such as brine shrimp, bloodworms, and daphnia. It is important to feed them a balanced diet and avoid overfeeding, as this can lead to health problems.


Breeding Ryukin goldfish can be a rewarding experience for experienced fish keepers. However, it requires a bit of knowledge and preparation to be successful.

To breed Ryukin goldfish, you will need a breeding pair and a separate breeding tank. The breeding tank should be equipped with a spawning mop or other suitable breeding substrate.

The male and female Ryukin goldfish will spawn by laying their eggs on the substrate, which will then hatch into fry after a few days. It is important to remove the adult fish from the breeding tank after spawning to prevent them from eating the eggs or fry.


Ryukin goldfish are a beautiful and unique addition to any aquarium. They are easy to care for, hardy, and adaptable, making them a great choice for both beginners and experienced fish keepers. With proper care and attention, these fish can live long and happy lives, bringing joy and beauty to their owners for years to come.

More informations about Ryukin Goldfish

Ryukin Goldfish  is a hardy and attractive variety of goldfish with a pointed head and has a pronounced hump on the back behind the head.

The Ryukin Goldfish (scientific name: Carassius auratus) is one of many fancy goldfish varieties. It’s a beloved fish species

The ryukin goldfish – or Japanese fantail – is a deep-bodied, large and popular species.

The Ryukin Goldfish is an egg-shaped variety of goldfish. The body is short and stubby. Their extremely high back, which is often described as a dorsal hump

The most obvious feature of this goldfish is the hump between the dorsal fin and the head.

The body is relatively short and deep, the dorsal fin is tall, and the elongated caudal fin is divided to form a double tail.

Ryukins are generally brightly colored, with a deep-red and white coloration being the preferred form.

The markings on these goldfish should be symmetrical as far as possible. Chocolate (coppery) individuals are often recognized as a separate form, the

Tetsuonaga, especially in Japan.Tetsuonagas have a reputation for both hardiness and the quality of their fin shape, so they are useful in Ryukin breeding.

The Ryukin is named after Japan’s Ryukyu Islands, where the ancestors of this goldfish were first introduced from China.

Calico Ryukin Nacreous patterning  isnot common in doubletailed goldfish, but is seen in the Ryukin. Calico Ryukins often have bold, contrasting markings.

Are ryukin goldfish aggressive?

Goldfish may also develop aggressive behavior when a new fish is introduced into the tank and disrupts the “balance” of the social hierarchy. Some breeds of fish can be more aggressive than others. The Ryukin goldfish has a more pointed head shape than other varieties, equipping them to more effectively pick on others.

How long do ryukin goldfish live?

The Ryukin Goldfish is a very beautiful fancy goldfish variety with a characteristic hump in the shoulder region. Average size is 6″ (15 cm) but can reach up to 10″ (25 cm) in a truly well-maintained tank or pond. The average goldfish lifespan is 10 – 15 years, but can live up to 20 years or more when well maintained.

How big do ryukin goldfish get?

6.0 inches
Size of fish – inches: 6.0 inches (15.24 cm) – Average size is 6″ (15 cm), but they have been reported to reach 10″ (25 cm) in an exceedingly well-maintained tank or pond.

How long does it take for goldfish to reach full size?

Depending on his type and his environment, goldfish have the capacity to grow anywhere from around 6 to 15 inches within a very short period of time. If they are kept in tiny aquariums or little bowls, they will still grow, but much more slowly.

Are ryukin goldfish Hardy?

All goldfish are members of the carp group and are generally quite hardy. The Ryukin Goldfish will do well in a tank of 30 gallons of water or more with a fine gravel bottom and hardy, cold water plants.

Can ryukin goldfish live in ponds?

All goldfish are members of the carp group and are generally quite hardy. The Oranda will do well in a pond of 250 gallons of water or more with plenty of hardy, cold water plants. Pond owners in Zone 4 or colder should winter them indoors. … Orandas are slow-moving fish that should be kept with other fancy goldfish.

How do you know what gender your goldfish is?

To identify a female goldfish, look for a rounder, thicker body shape. Females may also a bulge on one side as breeding season approaches, and their vent, or anal opening, may protrude slightly. Male goldfish often have a thinner, more streamlined body shape than females, with a concave vent and a midline ridge.

The Ryukin Goldfish is a short rounded and deep-bodied fancy goldfish with a characteristic hump on its shoulder from which the back slopes steeply like many goldfish of this body shape.

The Ryukin suffers from swim bladder problems. Their short bodies can also cause “dead zones” to form in their intestinal tracts where food can get caught.

This results in constipation Normally when goldfish float upsidedown it is a symptom of swim bladder disorder But with Ryukins. It can also indicate constipation overfeeding is the main cause of the condition which can be cured by the fish being fed peeled greed peas these acts as laxative Alternatively you can stop feeding them for a day or two

The Ryukin is a hardy and attractive fish with a pointed head and may either be long or short-finned with a triple or quadruple tail. The fin is high and carried proudly The caudal fin may be twice as long as the body with three or four lobes four lobes are the norm.

A three-lobed tail should have a slight indentation. In Japan, this is known as the “Cherry blossom petal tail” The Ryukin swims freely despite its large fins, which should be borne in pairs. It has normal eyes and no hood its head should be distinct from the body with a “snout” The fish can grow up to 8 inches (20cm) in length in good aquarium conditions.

Ryukins come in several different color variations deep red, red and white, white, iron chocolate and calico. Typically they are mettalic fish

Although Ryukins lack exotic they are fairly easy to care for and suitable for beginners. They are quite hardy and as they can tolerate temperatures only a few degrees above freezing Ryukins can also be

ryukin goldfish hump on its shoulder
Ryukin Goldfish 101: Your Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Care and Maintenance 1

Ryukin Goldfish 101: Your Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Care and Maintenance 2
Calico Ryukin Goldfish
Calico Ryukin Goldfish

The Calico Ryukin Goldfish has red, black, blue, white and orange markings. It can have either matt or metallic scales

Calico Ryukin Goldfish are every bit as colorful as koi but require far less space to keep them in

Additional Informations about Ryukin Goldfish below

ryukin goldfish care Here are some basic parameters you must follow when caring for a Ryukin Goldfish: Water Temperatures: 64°F to 72°F. pH Levels: 6.0 to 8.0 (somewhere in the neutral range is ideal) Water Hardness: 5 to 19 dGH.

red and white ryukin goldfish

red white ryukin goldfish

The Red & White Ryukin is a striking fish with sophisticated markings. The interplay between the white and red/orange coloration is Zen-like

calico ryukin goldfish

calico ryukin goldfish

The Calico Ryukin, like all Ryukin goldfish, has a prominent arch or hump immediately behind the head. A curved backbone, a fat belly, long feathery fins

ryukin goldfish size

about six to eight inches long
The average Ryukin Goldfish size is usually about six to eight inches long when healthy. However, it’s not uncommon to see specimens bigger than that. Like many other types of goldfish, the Ryukin is capable of growing slightly bigger when kept in a spacious habitat

red ryukin goldfish

The Red Ryukin, like all Ryukin goldfish, has a prominent arch or hump immediately behind the head. A curved backbone, a fat belly, long feathery fins

ryukin goldfish lifespan

Lifespan: 15 years – The average goldfish lifespan is 10 – 15 years, but they have been known to live 20 years or more when well maintained

black ryukin goldfish

black ryukin goldfish

baby ryukin goldfish

short tail ryukin goldfish

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ryukin goldfish tank size,

full grown ryukin goldfish

ryukin goldfish growth,

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giant ryukin goldfish,

japanese ryukin goldfish,

water tank size for ryukin goldfish

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ryukin goldfish care,

ryukin goldfish lifespan

How long do Ryukin goldfish live?
between ten and 15 years
Goldfish are relatively long-lived fish that can live for up to 30 years. However, Ryukin goldfish have a life expectancy of between ten and 15 years. In an exceptional case, these Fancy goldfish can live for an impressive 20 years if they are provided with a high-quality, balanced diet and excellent living conditions.

full grown ryukin goldfish

The average Ryukin Goldfish size is usually about six to eight inches long when healthy. However, it’s not uncommon to see specimens bigger than that. Like many other types of goldfish, the Ryukin is capable of growing slightly bigger when kept in a spacious habitat.

ryukin goldfish tank mates,

short tail ryukin goldfish

, ryukin goldfish tank,

ryukin goldfish colors,

giant ryukin goldfish,

japanese ryukin goldfish,

young ryukin goldfish,

ryukin goldfish outdoor pond,

how to tell if your ryukin goldfish is pregnant

The female goldfish typically looks rounder than the male, making body shape an indicator of sex and the possibility of pregnancy. If its abdomen gets larger, the chances are that it’s carrying eggs and ready to spawn. The extra weight may also affect its behavior.

ryukin goldfish with long tail

A Ryukin goldfish with a long tail is a stunning and popular variety of goldfish. The Ryukin is known for its high back, deep body, and gracefully flowing fins. When it comes to the tail, there are different variations, including a long tail type.

The long-tailed Ryukin goldfish typically has a tail that extends beyond the caudal fin, creating an elegant and elongated appearance. The tail can be single or double, depending on the genetic characteristics of the fish. Single-tailed long-tail Ryukins have a single caudal fin that extends beyond the tail lobes, while double-tailed long-tail Ryukins have two caudal fins that appear longer and more flowing.

The tail itself can have various shapes, such as a broadtail, ribbon tail, or butterfly tail, contributing to the unique beauty of each individual fish. The colors and patterns of the Ryukin goldfish can also vary, including metallic scales in shades of red, orange, white, black, or calico.

It’s worth mentioning that maintaining a long-tailed Ryukin requires careful attention to water quality, a proper diet, and sufficient space to swim and display their flowing tails. These goldfish are best suited for larger aquariums or outdoor ponds where they have ample room to grow and thrive.

Overall, a long-tailed Ryukin goldfish is a captivating and eye-catching addition to any aquarium or pond, displaying elegance and beauty with its graceful movements and flowing tail.

are calico ryukin goldfish freshwater fish

Yes, Calico Ryukin goldfish are freshwater fish. They are a popular variety of goldfish that are typically kept in aquariums or ponds. Ryukin goldfish have a round, egg-shaped body and are known for their vibrant colors and flowing double tails. The calico variety specifically features a combination of red, white, and black markings on a base of metallic scales. They require a well-maintained freshwater environment with adequate space and filtration to thrive.

how big can a ryukin goldfish get

Ryukin goldfish, a popular variety of fancy goldfish, can reach a considerable size compared to their common goldfish counterparts. On average, Ryukins typically grow to about 6 to 8 inches (15 to 20 centimeters) in length when kept in a suitable environment. However, in exceptional cases, with proper care and ideal conditions, they can grow even larger, sometimes reaching lengths of 10 inches (25 centimeters) or more. It’s important to note that the size a Ryukin goldfish attains is influenced by various factors, including genetics, diet, water quality, and the space available in their habitat. Providing adequate tank size, good nutrition, and maintaining a healthy environment can contribute to their optimal growth

ryukin goldfish tailfin is caudal splitting fin

Yes, you are correct. The Ryukin goldfish is a popular variety of fancy goldfish, and its tailfin is known for its distinctive caudal splitting. The caudal fin, also called the tailfin, of a Ryukin goldfish is split into two lobes, giving it a forked or double-tail appearance. This split tail is one of the defining characteristics of the Ryukin variety and is highly sought after by goldfish enthusiasts. The split tail adds to the overall beauty and elegance of the fish.

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