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Ochiba shigure Discover the Beauty of Ochiba Shigure: The Captivating Japanese Koi Fish

Ochiba Shigure, commonly referred to as Ochiba, combine the brown/bronze of Chagoi with the silver/grey of Soragoi. The name Ochiba Shigure translates as “autumn leaves falling on water”, a reference to the silver and bronze pattern. Variations of Ochiba include Gin Rin Ochiba and Doitsu Ochiba.

Ochiba Shigure: The Beautiful Koi Fish with a Fascinating History

Ochiba Shigure is a stunning and popular koi variety that originated in Japan. The name “Ochiba Shigure” is derived from two Japanese words: “ochiba,” meaning fallen leaves, and “shigure,” meaning autumn rain. This name is fitting, as the fish’s colors resemble the autumn foliage and the shimmering raindrops falling on them.

Appearance and Characteristics

Ochiba Shigure is a metallic koi variety that typically has a light bluish-grey or beige body covered in bronze, orange, and brown markings that resemble autumn leaves. These markings are usually irregularly shaped and can be found on the head, fins, and body. They may also have a black netting pattern that adds to their unique beauty.

Their body shape is generally elongated, with a broad head, rounded pectoral fins, and a long dorsal fin that flows gracefully behind them. They have a gentle temperament and are known to be friendly and sociable. Ochiba Shigure can grow up to 2 feet in length and live up to 20 years with proper care.

History and Breeding

Ochiba Shigure is a relatively new koi variety, with its origin dating back to the 20th century. It was first bred by Japanese koi breeders by crossing Asagi koi, which has a bluish-grey body with red markings, with Soragoi koi, which is solid bluish-grey.

The result of this crossbreeding was a koi variety with a metallic sheen and unique autumnal markings, which quickly gained popularity among koi enthusiasts. Ochiba Shigure’s breeding is still ongoing, with new variations being created regularly.

Care and Maintenance

Ochiba Shigure requires proper care and maintenance to thrive. They require a pond that is at least 500 gallons and is deep enough for them to swim freely. The pond should also be well-aerated and have a filtration system to maintain the water quality. Their diet should consist of high-quality koi pellets, supplemented with occasional treats like fruits and vegetables.

It’s essential to monitor the water temperature and pH level regularly, as any fluctuations can stress out the fish and affect their health. Ochiba Shigure is also vulnerable to common koi diseases like Ich and fin rot, so it’s crucial to maintain good hygiene practices and quarantine any new fish before introducing them to the pond.

Diferent Types of Ochiba Shigure koi fish

ginrin ochiba shigure

Gin Rin Ochiba Shigure A newer variety,
this striking koi has reflective scales (“Gin
Rin”) that give it a sparkling appearance.

ginrin ochiba shigure

ochiba shigure koi,

ochiba shigure, color development

Ochiba shigure color/pattern development. I love this pattern with its ‘netted’ design and splotches of color. I also like asagi very much

do female gin rin ochiba shigure breed in ponds

ochiba shigure butterfly koi

ochiba shigure butterfly koi
Photo source: Nextdaykoi.com

The butterfly version of Ochiba Shigure koi, characterized by its stunning patterns and vibrant colors, is highly sought after by koi enthusiasts. If you’re searching for Ochiba Shigure for sale, Koiphen is an excellent platform to explore. Here, you can find various koi sellers offering Ochiba Shigure koi for sale, including the exquisite Gin Rin Ochiba Shigure variety. However, when it comes to breeding these fish, it’s important to consider the environmental conditions. While koi are known to breed naturally in decorative ponds, the specific breeding tendencies of female Gin Rin Ochiba Shigure in such environments may vary.

maruten ochiba shigure

Ochiba shigure Discover the Beauty of Ochiba Shigure: The Captivating Japanese Koi Fish 1
Photo source: koishop.de

This is an ochiba with maruten formation pattern Maruten Ochiba Shigure is a captivating variety of koi fish that has gained considerable popularity among koi enthusiasts and collectors.

Its mesmerizing beauty is a result of a unique combination of three distinct patterns: maruten, ochiba, and shigure.

Maruten refers to the single red spot positioned centrally on the head of the fish, while ochiba represents the subtle grey or brown net-like pattern that overlays the body, resembling falling leaves on water.

Shigure, the third pattern, presents itself as patches of sumi (black) that blend harmoniously with the ochiba pattern, creating an alluring contrast. This fascinating combination of colors and patterns makes the Maruten Ochiba Shigure a true standout in any koi pond, capturing the attention and admiration of onlookers with its elegant and striking appearance.


Ochiba Shigure is a captivating koi variety that has captured the hearts of many koi enthusiasts worldwide. Its unique autumnal markings and metallic sheen make it stand out among other koi varieties, and its friendly temperament makes it an excellent addition to any koi pond.

If you’re considering adding Ochiba Shigure to your koi collection, ensure that you have the right setup and knowledge to take care of these beautiful fish. With proper care and attention, they can live a long and healthy life, bringing joy and beauty to your pond for years to come.

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