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matsuba koi are a sub-variety of koi that are all single-coloured koi with a black net-like reticulation pattern, some Matsuba varieties, such as Gin Matsuba and Kin Matsuba, are metallic koi while other Matsuba varieties, such as Ki Matsuba and Shiro Matsuba are non-metallic koi.

Matsuba Ogon
Matt-scaled Matsuba are grouped in Kawarimono, but their metallic equivalents are benched Hikarimuji. The most commonly available are Kin Matsuba (metallic gold, first produced in 1960) and the Gin Matsuba, its silver equivalent.

Orenji Matsuba and Aka Matsuba Ogon are not often seen. The pinecone scalation must be pronounced; if the black is more of a gray, these koi look washed-out.

Beginners are often confused by the Doitsu Matsuba Ogon, as the scale reticulation is not present. Instead, the black, German scales are aligned in the usual position, where they contrast sharply with the metallic body.

Orange Doitsu Ogon, although rare, are particularly striking. They are also known as Mizuho (“Rice Ear”) Ogon.
Ogon are important fish in their own right, but have also been instrumental in the development of many other metallic koi varieties in Hikari Utsuri and Hikarimoyo.

MATSUBA (maht-sue-bah)
It is a one colored metallic koi with dark pigment on the scales.

This variety is in the Hikari Muji class and is considered one color regardless of the contrasting scales.

KIN MATSUBA are orange-red metallic skin, GIN MATSUBA are platinum based.


Aka Matsuba Red koi with dark scale reticulation
Doitsu-Koi with no scales other
than enlarged scales along the lateral line and two lines running either side of the dorsal fin
Fuji -Metallic luster with tiny bubbles

Gin Matsuba – Metallic silver with pinecone scalation


Higoi – Red koi

Hikarimoyo Class for all
multicolored metallic koi except Utsuri and Showa

Hikarimuji-Class for single colored metallic koi

Hikari Utsuri – Class for metallic Utsuri and Showa

Kawarimono-Class for all nonmetallic koi not included in any other group

Kigoi Nonmetallic lemon-yellow koi

Kol with highly reflective gold and/ or silver scales

Kin Matsuba Metallic gold koi with pinecone scalation
Matsubagoi Koi with black

N centers to scales giving a pinecone appearance

Mizuho (“Rice-ear”) Ogon ~ Another name for Orange Doitsu Ogon

Nezu (“Mouse”) Ogon Dull metallic, grayish silver koi

Single-colored metallic koi

Orenji Orange

Platinum Ogon Metallic white koi (also known as Purachina)
Purachina Metallic white koi
(also known as Platinum Ogon)
Shimi Undesirable individual dark brown or black scales on otherwise blemish-free areas of ground color

Yamabuki Ogon Yellow-gold Ogon

Different types of Matsuba koi

Aka Matsuba

Aka matsuba
Aka Matsuba

Aka Matsuba, unlike Gin and Kin Matsuba, are nonmetallic koi and grouped in Kawarimono. It is rarely seen nowadays, but good examples have crimson scales with the typical “pinecone” dark reticulation. This variety can grow to a huge size.

Orange (Orenji) Ogo Matsuba koi

For those who like their Hikarimuji full-on, the Orange (Orenji) Ogon is the fish to buy. Looming up from the depths of the pond, it makes an instant impact upon visitors. Stunted pectoral fins, a common Ogon fault, are not a problem in this fine example.

The slight “pinecone” effect on these scales is not true Matsuba patterning, but is caused by variations in the thickness of the reflective pigment.

Rare Kin Matsuba

rare kin hi matsuba koi fish
A rather rare Kin Hi Matsuba. This example is spoiled by dark nostrils and eye patches, but the pinecone scalation is even and well-defined. Most would consider this a two-colored koi, but not, apparently, the Japanese.

A rather rare Kin Hi Matsuba. This example is spoiled by dark nostrils and eye patches, but the pinecone scalation is even and well-defined. Most would consider this a two-colored koi, but not, apparently, the Japanese.

Gin matsuba

Gin Matsuba has a white base color The term Gin Matsuba (GEEN maht-SOO-bah) translates as ‘silver pinecone’ and describes exactly what this fish looks like! A Gin Matsuba koi is a metallic shiro (white) koi with deep, dark reticulation in its scales. The metallic shiro gives the fish a silvery appearance while the reticulation gives the Matsuba variety its recognizable pinecone, or net-like, appearance.

kin matsuba

kin matsuba

Kin Matsuba (literally ‘golden pine needles,’ for individual, glittering scales appearing like raised markings)”, and “Gin Matsuba

aka matsuba

Matsuba koi 1

Aka Matsuba are a red Koi with a black net pattern

doitsu gin matsuba

doitsu gin matsuba

matsuba human face

matsuba koi human face

doitsu ki matsuba

Matsuba koi 2

ki matsuba butterfly

ki matsuba koi butterfly

orenji matsuba

doitsu blue matsuba

muted orange matsuba

ki matsuba

types of doitsu ki matsuba koi fish Some of the most common types of Matsuba koi include the Aka Matsuba with red and black patterns, Gin Matsuba with black and white patterns, Ki Matsuba – the yellow and black koi, Orenji Matsuba with orange and black pattern

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Gin Matsuba have a white base color

Matsuba koi frequently ask question

how to breed matsuba koi same with other koi variety do not crossbreed it will ruin the strain

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