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most expensive koi fish New World Record 203Million Yen 101cm Sakai Kohaku – S Legend

most expensive koi fish

New World Record 203 Million Yen Approximately Singapore Dollars $2.5 Million or USD $1.8 Million

101cm Sakai Kohaku – S Legend Grand Champion – All Japan Koi Show 2017 Offspring of Neo Universe

Congratulations to Sakai Fish Farm & Huajin Consulting Co.,Ltd.

most expensive koi fish Sakai Fish Farm – Super Auction Super Kohaku No 001 Sex: Female – Size: 101cm – Age: 9 year SOLD OUT 203.000.000¥ ~ 1.800.000$

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Big Money
As S LEGEND (Neo Universe), 101cm b.t.w., goes into the Auction. For many people the most beautiful Koi ever… And of course
biggest candidate to win the 50th edition of the All Japan Shinkokai, next year februar in Tokyo!

Earlier this year Kentaro had already 8 bits over 100.000.000 yen
in (at least according to the rumors), but he didn’t want to sell her.

He said… “We will all wait untill the start of October and put her in the autumn auction”. So now it’s big time!

Will she really destroy the 1 million US dollar border.
Well, lets not talk about money… Let’ enjoy the beauty of one of the finest Koi ever bred on this planet.

A small movie put together by the Zanmai-Team when this beauty
took Grand Champion at the Shinkokai in Tokyo in 2017. Magic!

most expensive koi fish
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most expensive koi fish
most expensive koi fish

How much is a large koi fish worth?

It is also true that certain varieties of koi are more expensive than others. A high-quality 6-inch (a white fish with large red patches) may cost $3000.

A high-quality oghon (basically a golden, metallic-colored fish) of
the same size may cost $100.

Why are koi so expensive?

Good koi are expensive because it is a lot of chance and great
selective breeding, they usually spawn one a year and the odds of getting a lot of great animals is very low.

They are expensive to keep because of water use, electricity, high quality food and labor.

How much do koi sell for?

While that may seem like a lot for one fish, some breeders will pay an astronomical$20,000 for a highly prized adult koi.

Younger koi around four inches can sell for $10 or less for less serious koi owners. But pricing varies everywhere.

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