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metronidazole for fish

metronidazole for fish (for anaerobic bacteria) and anti-protozoal medication

metronidazole for fish how to use metronidazole for fish (for treating anaerobic bacteria) and anti-protozoal medication

metronidazole for fish

Seachem MetroPlex Metronidazole Parasite Bacteria SALTWATER FRESHWATER Aquarium

Does not adversely affect the filter bed and is easily removed with carbon
Will treat both internal and external infections regardless of the delivery method
Can either be dosed into the water or combined with Focus in a medicated food mix
An effective and safe treatment for several protozoan and anaerobic bacterial diseases of fish
When used in a medicated food mix, it is excellent for treating parasites in tanks that contain invertebrates

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metronidazole fish “Metronidazole powder is an antibiotic (for anaerobic bacteria) and anti-protozoa medication used to treat a wide range of conditions internally

Fish Aid Antibiotics® Metronidazole is an antibiotic that exerts a bactericidal action on gram-positive and some gram-negative bacteria in fish. Useful to help
Drug classes: Antibiotics

Metronidazole (MNZ) is a very popular and effective antiprotozoal medication in aquarium and ornamental fish industry which is used to treat

where to buy metronidazole for fish you can buy metronidazole for koi fish at petstore near you or drug stores.

metronidazole for fish dosage Directions from SeaChem Metronidazole; use 100 mg. for every 10 gallons (40 L).
Repeat every 2 days until symptoms disappear.

If there are no available SeaChem Metronidazole at pet stores near your place. You can purchase Metronidazole for humans.

You can buy Metronidazole for humans at any drugs stores near you.

Make sure any UV Sterilizer (if used) is turned off and any carbon, Purigen,

Chemipure or similar chemical filter media is also removed during treatment.

To feed (use as for a medicated food), use 100 mg. with approximately i tablespoon of frozen or dried food (fried food would need to be placed in just enough water to cover and make wet/moist).

Feed until symptoms disappear. Introduction of Metronidazole to the aquarium water when feeding is OK.

Metronidazole can also be used in a fish bath. This is generally performed at double the “in tank” dose as per amount of water used in this bath.

I recommend the use of Methylene Blue and maybe salt during this bath treatment too (once or twice per day for 7-10 days).

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you can use metronidazole for human if there are no available metronidazole for fish in the pet stores near you

here is a good article from

Metronidazole is an antibiotic (for anaerobic bacteria) and anti-protozoal medication used to treat various conditions internally and externally in fish.

As for Anaerobic bacteria, these are bacterium that thrive in environments in which there is little oxygen (anaerobic environments) and can cause disease in such environments as the intestinal tract and liver.

Metronidazole belongs to a class of antibiotics known as nitroimidazoles which work by ceasing the growth of bacteria and protozoa.

Metronidazole works by selectively blocking some of the functions within the bacterial cells and some parasites resulting in their death.

Metronidazole is metabolized in the liver (whether a fish or a human).

Metronidazoles’ primary use is for the treatment of ANAEROBIC gram-positive & SOME negative bacteria including those that produce beta-lactamase.

However, it is not effective against the aerobic bacterium. This means Metronidazole is a poor choice for suspected

bacterial diseases in open heavily oxygenated aquariums/ponds such as Columnaris,

while it is an excellent choice for diseases of the low/no oxygen environment of the intestinal tract or other internal

suspected bacterial pathogens (generally used in fish food soak for best results).

Metronidazole may be a good choice for any bacterial disease present in low oxygen, high bio-load aquariums or ponds.

As well Metronidazole is effective for some protozoa.

It was originally found effective for the management of infection caused by Trichomonas vaginalis.

For fish applications, Metronidazole has been shown to be in particular more effective for internal and external flagellates.

Metronidazole is also sometimes effective for other protozoan parasite infections, especially for

Cryptocaryon in marine aquaria as well as Hexamita & Ichthyophthirius.

Metronidazole is often recommended for disease in Cichlids which is often thought to be caused by Hexamita,

HOWEVER there is considerable evidence that the cause of “Hole in the Head” is simply the lack of Calcium and even positive calcium ions.

This is especially common in aquariums utilizing water softened using sodium chloride or potassium chloride to drive out hard water minerals.

Use of such water should be ceased prior to using Metronidazole and as well, the use of products such as Wonder

Shells mineral blocks should also be used first before treating with Metronidazole (or combined).

Due to Metronidazoles effectiveness against anaerobic bacteria by selectively blocking some of the cell functions of

anaerobic bacteria, Metronidazole along with Neomycin is a good choice for bloating of the digestive tract (common in goldfish).

Metronidazole selectively blocks some of the cell functions in anaerobic bacteria, resulting in their demise.

Metronidazole is also effectively used in combination (such as with Praziquantel) or by itself for internal parasites such as Nematodes or Trematodes.

In marine aquarium, infections is where Metronidazole really shines as it is very effective internally and since Marine

fish are always drinking the water around them, medication is easily transported to the infected area.

In Freshwater, treatment can be improved by soaking food as well and this is still an effective freshwater treatment as well.

7 days is a minimum treatment time indicated by the author. Instructions for treating with Metro for Hexamita

typically suggest 7-10 days, and if you read National Fish Pharmacy instructions for their Metro, they indicate 10 days period, nothing less.

Instructions vary and most instructions for treating with Metro indicate repeating dose every 24 hours with a 25% water change before treatment.

Part of the reason for the water change is to help reduce the flagellites that are expelled in the feces into the water.

A study at the University of Florida on Hexamita in Angelfish and treatment methods showed daily 25% water changes were almost as effective at reducing the amount of Hexamita in the intestines of affected fish as the metro.

Here is the link from the study. In addition, for Hexamita,

Metro should be combined with Nitrofuracin Green powder for 14 days to be truly effective.

Metro for 10, Nitro in combination with the Metro but for 14 days.

What does metronidazole treat in fish?

Metronidazole; by SeaChem, API, More. Metronidazole is an
antibiotic (for anaerobic bacteria) and anti-protozoal medication
used to treat various conditions internally and externally in fish.

What does MetroPlex treat in fish?

MetroPlex™ is an effective and safe treatment for several protozoan
and anaerobic bacterial diseases of fish (Cryptocaryon, Hexamita, Ichthyophthirius).

It does not adversely affect the filter bed and is easily removed with carbon. It can either be dosed into the water or combined with Focus™ in a medicated food mix.

What is fish ZOLE used for?

Fish Zole™ (Metronidazole) from Thomas Labs is an antibiotic that
is used for parasitic and bacterial infections in fish.

It is useful for control of some common bacterial diseases in fish,
including diseases caused by bacteria such as Aeromonas,
Pseudomonas, and Mycobacterial (Gill diseases and Chondrococcus).

metronidazole for fish dosage

Metronidazole (National Fish Pharmaceuticals). Hex-A-Mit … Actual dosages are best at about 0.25% Metronidazole fed at a daily rate of 1% of body weight.

metronidazole fish metronidazole for fish frequently ask questions

What does metronidazole treat in fish?
Fish Zole™ (Metronidazole) is an antibiotic that is used for parasitic and bacterial infections in fish. Fish Zole™ (Metronidazole) from Thomas Labs is an antibiotic that is used for parasitic and bacterial infections in fish.

How do you treat Hexamita in fish?
The recommended treatment for hexamita is metronidazole (Flagyl) administered in a medicated food or, if the fish are not eating, in a bath treatment.

Metronidazole can be administered orally at a dosage of 50 mg/kg body weight (or 10 mg/gm food) for 5 consecutive days.

metronidazole for fish dosage

metronidazole for goldfish

metronidazole dosage for fish

flagyl for fish

how to use metronidazole for fish

so are those expensive discus fish or ornamental fish that you just bought a few weeks ago looking a little bit thin today we’re going to be talking about medications for internal parasites , such as worms or any other kind of internal parasite hexaminia there are

all kinds of different things that ornamental fish can have when you get them and these fish are typically not cheap so we want to make sure that when we’re getting these fish and we put them in our quarantine tank that we are properly treating them so today we’re going to be talking about specifically metronidazole

that is my go-to medication for these kinds of problems and I’m going to talk about that a little bit today so hang in there with me and we’ll be right back so since we’re treating a very specific problem here and that is either worms or internal parasites of some kind

metronidazole for fish is used primarily for this specific kind of problem and it’s called flatulence and that can mean a couple of different things but we won’t get into all of that right now we’re talking about the medication itself.

so what i said i like to keep a bag of this on hand instead of buying it in a store in a medication that contains metronidazole for fish and the reason for that is because it can be so much more expensive

if you don’t buy it in bulk now i get it in 50 gram packs so that if you want to de-worm your tank you always have some of this on hand and like i said we’re treating something very specific here so it’s really important for us to understand that we don’t need all the other things that may be in the metroplex or any of these other

medications that are on the market so the first thing we want to do is we want to have our scale here on and we want to have it set on grams and at that point there we are going to zero it out and make sure it’s at zero and we’re going to set the little container that we’re going to be using to mix

the metronidazole in and we’re going toallow for that to read 11 grams which is what that little container weighs and
we’re going to zero it out againnow it’s important that you zero it out again because if you don’t you’re going
to be way off on what you’re giving your
i’ll move this out of the way for a
second because the next step here is to
take your metronidazole and what
i have figured out is that if you want
reference say a 75 gallon tank
it’s important to understand that
by the time you get your hardscape in
there and everything else it’s probably
not 75 gallons you’re probably around 68
or somewhere in there
that’s at least how my tank would be
estimated at based on the way i have
escaped it so what we want to do we know
three grams is one
level teaspoon
and we want to be careful not to do more
than that
but i need 3.2 grams
so what i’m going to do is i’m going to
pour that in there and see what it
now sometimes your scale will vacillate
three and four
and i’m going to wait a minute for let
the scale sort of settle itself out now
it’s weighing three grams exactly
now the question is do i have
3.5 3.2 it went up to 3.4 so i know that
there’s a little bit more than 3 grams
in here so i’m trying to get to 3.2 to
3.5 and the only way you’re going to
really do that is guesstimate
so what i’m gonna do is i’m because it’s
jumping between three and four i am
going to take just a little bit of the
medication out
and put it back in the packet
and see if the scale settles out at that
and i know know that we’re probably
somewhere around 3.2 to 3.5 grams and
i’ll know at that point that i am going
to have the correct amount
and yes the scale has settled out and my
guess is that if i take any more out
we’re going to drop below that 3
and it’s going to jump between 2 and 3
and that’s not what we want so at this
point here
what i do is i take the container
and i’m ready for the next day now i
want to talk about preparing this stuff
ahead of time because it’s very
important to do that
with metronidazole you are going to
treat for approximately 10 days and you
are going to treat the same amount every
day metronidazole only lasts in your
for approximately eight hours once that
eight hours is over there is no
metronidazole in your tank any longer
that is being effective towards any of
these diseases
so what i suggest you do if your person
that works
or if you want to get on a schedule with
this stuff is to make sure
that you are taking your medication and
preparing it the night before and so
when you go to work in the morning or if
you are um
just someone who works at home or
whatever and you want to get on a
schedule of this put this in first thing
in the morning in your tank take a
picture like this here take some water
from your aquarium just about maybe this
much here and mix it up really well in
there and give it a few minutes to
dissolve before you pour it into your
tank now you can pour it in there
with some of the crystals not dissolved
it doesn’t matter because it’s going to
overnight anyway so at this point here
you have mixed it up in here and you’re
gonna pour it directly into your
now when we come back we’ll talk a
little bit more about
why we do this for eight hours why it
only lasts that long and why ten days so
when we come back we’ll talk about that
be right back
so in closing on this video here what i
wanted to talk about is go over some of
the very specific things that we talked
about it’s very important
as i said to make sure that you are
treating your fish for 10 days and it’s
important that you
get the right amount of grams that
you’re mixing up and prepare it maybe
the night before whatever especially if
you have a busy schedule and you’re
someone who is
feeding your fish in the morning you can
just take a little bit of water out of
the tank put it in that little cup that
we have our medication in stir it in
pour it into your tank by the time you
get home if you need to do a water
change like i said metronidazole is only
good for eight hours after eight hours
it’s not in your tank any longer so
the important thing to do
is to
if you’re going to do that water change
make sure it’s been eight hours by the
time you get home and if you need to do
a water change you can do it then the
best way to use metronidazole is not the
way that i’m doing it but it is
the most
common way because sometimes your fish
are not eating because of these problems
if you have the luxury of your fish
eating the best way to do this is to mix
the metronidazole into the food and that
is something that is a whole other
you take
basically the amount of food that you’re
going to have
on hand and put a small amount of
metronidazole in there because you want
to treat all of the fish in your tank
you want every fish to get it if one
fish has
this problem it’s likely that your whole
tank has it now if you have a uv
light on your canister filter or in your
aquarium somewhere
that can help immensely with getting rid
of these parasites or worms or anything
that’s in there and so that is sort of a
game changer so once you’ve treated your
your whole tank or specifically your
fish however you’re going to do it
either by putting the metronidazole in
the water or by putting it in their food
once you’ve done that as long as you
haven’t added anything new to that tank
you should be doing fine but
make sure that you do the full 10 days
figure out how much you’re going to need
in grams for your tank like i said it’s
1 gram per 20 gallons so your best
calculation is to just you know come as
close to that as you possibly can
and treat the fish accordingly this is a
very effective medication and like i
said i’ll put a link down below as to
where you can get this
you can go to that site
it is jack watley and gabe pasada down
there who’s been very very good to me
is the gentleman that you want to talk
to and also you can just go on their
site and order metronidazole based on
however size package you need now again
if you’re a canadian resident you cannot
get this stuff because they will not
sell this across the borders this is
only good for the united states and uh
he has a video on his site which i will
put down below in the
description area
so that you can go and watch that video
it’s a little bit more in depth than
what i’m telling you but it’s important
that if you are going to order this from
at jack watley that you know how much
you’re going to need because the last
thing you want is to try to treat for 10
days and come up short with the
medication and then have to wait a few
more days for that medication to get to
you so over by a little bit so that
you’ve got it on hand if you have
another problem
and make sure
if you’re getting new fishing do this in
your quarantine tank if you have to do
it in your larger tank and you’ve got a
problem and it just popped up for
whatever reason maybe you’re feeding
blood worms blood worms are a common
problem for parasites you can feed them
to them all day but as long as you’re
deworming them every three months or so
you probably won’t have a problem my
suggestion is to get them on a very diet
stay away from the blood worms if you
want to feed them black worms
occasionally the problems are not there
with those it’s typically the blood
worms where we have the problem but
anyways thank you for joining me today i
appreciate your time
leave your comments down below give me a
thumbs up and please subscribe and share
with your friends i really appreciate it
thanks again for joining me
i hope this was an informative video for
you and
hopefully anybody who’s dealing with
this problem got enough information here
to help you solve the problem don’t get
stressed out just take care of the
problem and like i said the
metronidazole by itself will do that

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What is metronidazole for fish?

metronidazole for fish

Description. Fish Aid Antibiotics® Metronidazole is an antibiotic that exerts a bactericidal action on gram-positive and some gram-negative bacteria in fish. Useful to help control some common bacterial diseases in fish such as Aeromonas, Pseudomonas, and Mycobacterial (Gill diseases and Chondrococcus).

What types of infections is metronidazole used for?

About metronidazole
Metronidazole is an antibiotic. It’s used to treat skin infections, rosacea and mouth infections (including infected gums and dental abscesses). It’s used in the treatment of conditions such as bacterial vaginosis and pelvic inflammatory disease

How do you mix metronidazole in fish food?

Add 1-2 scoops of Focus and Metronidazole to the food along with a teaspoon of liquid food supplement or aquarium water. First, mix the medication with the liquid food supplement (or water) then add your fish food. Allow the medication to soak in for 15 minutes and you are ready to feed your fish!

What does metronidazole treat in fish?

“Metronidazole is an anti-protozoan fish medication used to treat hexamita (hole in the head disease or Malawi bloat), body slime (chilodonella), freshwater ich, epistylis in pond fish.” “The use of medicated foods is the only way to effectively treat internal disease.

How do you give metronidazole to fish?

Metronidazole Dose: 400-600 mg/100 liter for 3 days After this, aquarium water can be completely change or 50% waterchange combined with carbon filtration for at least 24-48 hours. In the food: mix 1 gm with 100 gm food and keep feeding this mixture for 3-5.

Can you overdose metronidazole in fish?

MetroPlex™ is gentle and there little danger of overdosing.

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