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kikokuryu koi A Kikokuryu (pronounced Key-Ko-Koo-Roo)is always a metallic and always a doitsu (scaless or partially scaled) variety of Koi or Butterfly Koi.

Kikokuryu (pronounced Key-Ko-Koo-Roo)is always a metallic and always a doitsu (scaless or partially scaled) variety of Koi or Butterfly Koi. Metallic refers to skin, color, and pec fins having a lustrous sheen to them.

THIS BREED DOES NOT STAY PERMANTLY BLUE, or any color that comes from that changing black.

This variety was created by breeding Komonryu and Platinum koiKikokuryu is essentially a metallic Kumonryu, a koi with shiny Platinum skin and fins with deep

The production of Koi which fall into the varieties Kikokuryu, Kin Kikokuryu and Beni Kikokuryu seems to be increasing enormously

There are many types of Kikokuryu from the standard white/black metallic look that originated from crossing Kumonryu with platinum

Kin Kikokuryu – Kikokuryu are scaleless (doitsu) koi with a white base combined with areas of black inside the single row of scales, 

 From the Japanese for “Chrysanthemum water,” the Kikokuryu koi fish (KEE-koh-KOO-droo) is a metallic, doitsu (or scaleless) koi with a white

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A Beni Kiko is simply a Kikokuryu with an orange or red pattern on top of the standard colors of a Kikokuryu of black and white.

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beni kikokuryu koi shows Kikokuryu koi are the metallic version of Kumonryu koi.

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Kin Kikokuryu. Kin Kikokuryu was first created in 1998 by crossing Kin Showa with Kumonryu by Mr Seiki Igarashi.

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I am a koi fish keeper and breeder a husband of beautiful wife Maybel and beautiful daughter May Carl I have been in fish keeping hobby for over 35 years. Like many kids in the 80's We catch fish in the rivers and canals and kept it in the "pasong" local visayan name for pond. or a large mayo bottle since We don't have aquariums yet on that time. decades later their is a small petshop open in my place and that starts me from buying aquarium and fishes that are sold in the pet store decades later start growing goldfish and koi fish until today.

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