Benigoi koi

Benigoi koi (BEN-ee-GOY) koi are non-metallic, solid red or orange koi fish Benigoi koi or Aka Muji, are all-red Kohaku derivatives resembling giant goldfish. Their fins can be either red or tipped with white. Koi with the latter feature are sometimes known as Aka Hajir, For the fish to be of any value, the hi must be uniformly deep crimson, and the body shapes voluminous without being fat. the. The plainer the koi, the more obvious any minor blemishes.

types of benigoi koi

There different types of benigoi koi, ginrin benigoi, doitsu benigoi and the regular benigoi.

Ginrin Benigoi koi varieties have diamond scales on their entire bodies. These scales are different from metallic and Platinum koi due to their scales being reflective and shining in the light in a miraculous way.

Author: Giovanni Carlo Bagayas

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