Breeding Of Fish In Rice-Fish Systems

Breeding Of Fish

Most rice-fish producers cannot control predators in their fields, and it is difficult to find fish egg larger than 7 cm. Therefore, it would be advisable to produce fish in a nursery where they can grow, so that it is safe from predators. You must take care of the fish until it reaches a definite size.
You can make fish cum agri in palm fields which offers lots of benefits. Because palm provides many uses in skin, health, etc., To know more palm benefits visit Russalgear.

The nurseries can be of several types:
• Small nursery pond in or near the field.
• Small rice-fish pond, well supplied with water.
• Floating cage in a large pond.

Nursery ponds

You can have the fish pond in any kind of field like palm field, rice field, etc., Growing fish in the field can have many palm oil uses. Once the water begins to accumulate, then the color and depth should be monitored. Often check whether the water is cloudy. If the water is very clean, fertilizer should also be added. Adding fertilizer in clean water will increase the growth of plankton, which will give the water a brown to greenish color (preferably). To check the amount of plankton in the water, use your palm. Ideally, your palm should not be seen till the elbow. If the palm disappears 10 cm from the surface of the water, then the water is too rich. After the growth of plankton, you should reduce the fertilizer and add a little more clean water.

The water depth should reach 70-80 cm before restocking. The farmer should also feel that the water remains at this depth. By integrating your nursery pond with palm field produces lots of palm oil uses and benefits on fish farming.

To respond to these requirements, and to place your products on the market, fish farmers should improve their processes and adopt good production practices based on these four main criteria:

• The health and well-being of animals
• The safety and quality of foods
• Environmental integrity
• Social responsibility

After restocking, the pond can be fertilized and fed with available milled materials like rice bran, termites, leftovers of palm field. Food is important, especially in shady ponds.

Every early morning, the pond should be checked to see if the fish mouth is on the surface of the water. If the fish mouth is on the surface of the water then it is the signal of lack of oxygen and should be resolved according to the situation.

The fish is normally kept in the pond until the rice has ignited well in the field with 2-3 new shoots and the fish have reached about 5 cm. This will normally take six weeks. When the water is stable and constant in the paddy field, then the fish can be released. If large juveniles are planted before the rice has been lit, they will damage the rice.

A nursery allows the farmer to regulate the planting of fish earlier and consequently prolong the period of fish growth and allow the acquisition of a wide range of fish, which later in the season. A good nursery also ensures greater survival for fish than a rice paddy ensures, where predation is not controllable. The farmer who normally bought juveniles will save money by investing in smaller fish. The fish cum agri make so many doubts on palm like Is palm dangerous for fish?, Is Palm Oil Cancerous?, Does Palm Oil Cause Stomach Problems?, but the answer is not exactly.

Nylon hapas can be made by hand but are stronger if sewn by machine. It is important to reinforce the corners.

Anyway, if the nursery is not good, it is better not to have it. If there are predators, newborn fish cannot escape and the mortality will be very high. For the same reason, contamination due to overfeeding or the use of toxic chemicals can be dangerous. Overheating, particularly in very low waters, can be another problem. A small part of the shadow will be needed over the pond. In this case, it should cover only a small part of the surface, because sunlight is needed to produce oxygen and natural food. When an existing pond is used to maintain water or fish throughout the year, it should not be used as a nursery. In such a case the farmer should dig a small shallow pond, or put a fine net nursery cage in the existing pond.

Then the fish reaches the maximum size in 6-8 weeks.

Breeding Of Fish FAQ

What is the breeding season for fish?

The breeding season of this fish extends from June to July. Studies on the GSI and histology of the ovary in Schizothorax plagiostomus show that this fish spawns twice in a year (Shrestha and Khanna, 1979), in this species the first spawning occurs from mid-September to October

Author: Giovanni Carlo

I am a koi fish keeper and breeder a husband of beautiful wife Maybel and beautiful daughter May Carl I have been in fish keeping hobby for over 35 years. Like many kids in the 80's We catch fish in the rivers and canals and kept it in the "pasong" local visayan name for pond. or a large mayo bottle since We don't have aquariums yet on that time. decades later their is a small petshop open in my place and that starts me from buying aquarium and fishes that are sold in the pet store decades later start growing goldfish and koi fish until today.

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