aka matsuba butterfly koi matsuba butterfly koi doitsu matsuba butterfly koi fish

aka matsuba butterfly koi Aka Matsuba butterfly koi are a red Koi with a black net pattern. When buying a Aka Matsuba butterfly koi , make sure that the net pattern is equal all over the Koi.

Matsuba. Matsuba are koi that combine a solid, metallic colored base with a black net pattern. The base color of Matsuba can vary.

Matsuba. Matsuba are solid, metallic-colored koi with a black netting or “pine cone” pattern on the body. Matsuba can display many different

The Matsuba is basically an Ogon with reticulation. It is a one colored metallic koi with dark pigment on the scales. This variety is in the Hikari Muji class

One of the few koi that only has 1 variation being doitsu matsuba butterfly koi fish.They show a solid metallic base with a black net pattern, primarily along the back but a good specimen will exhibit throughout the body.The colour of the base will vary, but must always be metallic in appearance.Gin Matsuba are white, Aka Matsuba are Red and Ki Matsuba are yellow.

Matsuba are koi that combine a solid, metallic colored base with a black net pattern. … The sole variation of Matsuba is Doitsu Matsuba.

A beautiful doitsu matsuba butterfly koi fish. This koi has a rich platinum base and black features

aka matsuba butterfly koi frequently ask questions

What is doitsu matsuba butterfly koi fish?

Yellow scaleless Doitsu Matsuba

doitsu matsuba butterfly koi fish. Refers to koi that have no scales, except for enlarged scales on the lateral line and two lines running alongside the dorsal fin. Gin Rin. This refers to koi with reflective scales that create a glimmering sheen as the fish move. Tancho.

What is the rarest koi?

ki utsuri

Ki Utsuri
Ki Utsuri, by far the rarest type of Utsuri, combine patterns of yellow over a lacquerish black body.

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