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Our default product size is 50cmx 60 cm which is $48.52 but we have other sizes available list below and the pricing

20×30 cm $14.8   in inches 7.8×11.8 =778.11 php
25×30 cm $22
35×45 cm $29.36
30×40 cm $26
40×50 cm $36.84
50×60 cm $48.52
55×70 cm $59.94
60×70 cm $68.68
70×95 cm $97.58

This is diy 5d diamond painting kits You need to build this diamond painting piece by piece like cross stitch

Cross stitch Making process::Square /Round resin particles collage drilling

Tools Type::Tweezers Pick-Up Tools

Diamond painting is an easy and enjoyable activity for crafters young and old. Based on the same concept as mosaics and paint-by-numbers, diamond painting uses tiny “diamond”-like facets to create colorful designs and patterns for finished designs that sparkle.

Instructions of DIY Diamond Painting diy 5d diamond painting by number kits, crystal rhinestone diamond embroidery

diy 5d diamon painting kits making process detail

1. Open the packaging and take out of the canvas, diamond and tools;

2. Check the code number of diamonds and the corresponding symbol;

3. Put the diamonds into the plastic case. Only uncover the needed area of the adhesive

tape to avoid dust onto other glue parts;

4. Stick the diamonds on the corresponding symbol of the canvas by the tweezers;

5. After all symbol areas are sticked with diamonds, adjust the edge of diamonds by the

ruler to regulate diamonds neatly; then press diamonds properly to make it firm;

6. Put the diamond painting in a suitable frame and decorate your house or give it to others as a gift.

What is DIY diamond painting? 5D cube diamond draw, draw another innovative diamond

Diamond painting is the new popular products. It is more beautiful what you see in the picture, very shining and amazing.

It is of high definition pattern, good texture and aesthetic feeling, which always bring about a strong visual appeal on you.

Enjoying it and wandering around it simultaneously, you will have a feeling just like airplay. By doing this, you will get both a decorative effect and a DIY entertainment fun.

Simply hung it onto the wall, it will make your room and your world amazing

5D DIY Round/Square Diamond Painting

Dear, pay attention! We sold the diamond

paintings are semi-finished product dose not include frame

All the size are measured by hand, so please allow 1-3 cm differ

looking where i can buy diy crystals paint kit 5d diamond painting by number kits

It’s a very good DIY parent-child activity which is suitable for drawing with family and friends together.

Please framed the picture and hanged in place such as sitting room, study, bedroom which is used for decoration when the picture was finished .The product not included the frame.

Need to stick the full of canvas 13*17 inches. It’s a Full Coverage piece for all painting area.

High quality square resin diamonds,0.01*0.01 inch(2.5*2.5mm)per diamond.

There are two paint methods,using the tweezers or the painting pen. The specific methods refer to left pictures or instruction in package.

You can purchase diamond painting kits online and in some. … painting by number, except that instead of using paint, you are using tiny, flat-backed rhinestones, crystals, or diamonds. … Look the number up on the chart, then find the bag with the same number. … Dip your pen tool into the gel or wax that came with your kit.

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Round Drill, Square Drill


25×30 cm, 35×45 cm, 30×40, 40×50, 50×60, 60×75, 55×70, 70×95, 20×25


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