koi pond filter

koi pond filter one of the very important parts of any koi pond is the filtration system.

koi pond filter is very important because without a filter is like living in a room full of shit

So Today, I’m reviewing  different Best koi pond filter that you can buy on Amazon for under I will discuss the best practices in building a koi pond filter systems or a DIY koi pond filter too using the koi pond filter I will review

You should build the best koi pond filter because when it comes to koi ponds because, as you may know, koi are notoriously messy fish.

Just like fish that you keep in an indoor aquarium, koi need clean water with the right chemistry to thrive.

Because koi themselves have such a big effect on water quality, it’s not always easy to keep things clean.

That’s why getting the best koi pond filter for a koi pond is so important also dirty koi pond will invite parasites and bacterias that will make your koi fish sick and also the ammonia can suffocate and kill your koi fish.

do koi ponds need a filter?


Koi spend the entirety of their lives in a pond; and they eat, sleep, and poop there.  In many cases, hobbyists think they have a good-sized filter for their pond; but it turns out it is not big enough at all.

Every Koi pond must have an appropriate filter system so that the Koi can live healthy and comfortable

Best Filter System for Koi Pond

Discover the best filters for your koi pond to help maintain a healthy environment for your precious fish. This guide reviews the top filters & where to buy.

he right filter will keep your koi happy and healthy and your pond looking great. If you’re looking for the right filter for your koi pond, you’re in the right place.

Guide to the best koi pond filter currently on the market for heavy stocked fish ponds. Reviews on koi filtration systems

Here are some of the best koi pond filter available on Amazon

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XtremepowerUS Koi Pressure Boi Filter Pond Garden Pond Pump Filter UV Sterilizer

  • 13W UV light
  • 10000 liter per hour suitable for 4000gal pond
  • Connections range: 3/4″ 1″ 1 1/4″ 1 1/2″
  • Pond pump requested*

Grech CPF-2500 Pond Bio Pressure Filter UVC 13-watt Up to 1600 Gallons

Biological and mechanical filter chambers for more efficient removal of dissolved and solid waste
Simple quick handle cleaning system for easy maintenance (no need to open and clean foams all the time)
Enables rapid growth of aerobic bacteria resulting in removal of lethal ammonia and nitrite
Able to cope with higher water flows compared to traditional gravity filters
Complete with inlet and outlet hose adapters.Outlet/Inlet hose adapter 3/4 inches~5/4 inches

OASE BioSmart 5000 Pond Filter

Innovative Flow-Through filter design with biological and mechanical filtration provides maximum oxygenation.

BioSmart 5000 is suitable for ponds up to 5,000 gallons (with no fish).
High-surface area filter foams provide exceptional biological filtration capability.

Distinct filter zones promote the settlement of a variety of beneficial bacterial responsible for different phases of the nitrogen cycle, which increases the conversion of harmful ammonia in your pond .

Advance features include the built-in cleaning indicator notifies you when the filter needs cleaned and water temperature display tells you the water temperature at all times.

Aquascape Submersible Pond Water Filter | 95110

Can be added to the intake of almost any submersible water pump resulting in crystal clear water and maintenance-free pumps

Contains ceramic filtration rings, providing substantial surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize.

The threaded intake and included multi-hose adapter ensure the filter is ready to Adapt to most pond pumps with a small piece of pipe or ¾” Threaded fitting.

Pre-filters pumps for reduced maintenance
Removable cage for easy cleaning
3-year Limited Manufacturer

CNZ All-in One Pond Filter System with 13W UV Sterilizer 660 GPH Pump Fountain Kits

13-watt ultraviolet sterilizer – kills free floating algae, bacteria and parasite
3 fountain water feature attachments

Adjustment valve for regulating flow to fountain head and/or auxiliary water feature
Includes a large coarse filter foam that water must pass through first and also three bio filter media baskets

The unit is designed to run submerged so you do not have to worry about disguising it as you would with external filtration systems


best koi pond filter review below

XtremepowerUS Koi Pressure Boi Filter Pond Garden Pond Pump Filter UV Sterilizer review

best koi pond filter Review from
)I love this filter, it was easy to set up and is doing a great job.

My pond is 11′ x 17′ x ~3-3.5′ and my DIY bio filter/waterfall just couldn’t keep up, Usually the water is fairly clear early spring after winter thaw but this year it looked

like pea soup and I couldn’t see my fish at all. After just one week I can see my fish and I am so happy to see them again.

I read many reviews before deciding on this purchase and several commented that the

instructions were very poor, and although they do not appear to have been written by a native English speaker, they were decently easy to interpret.

I like that the system is simple to operate and maintain and it is perfectly silent.

One thing that was not clear from other reviews was how to correctly install the hose connectors In From Pond, Out To Pond, and Out For Cleaning.

There are 2 black and 1 transparent and the photos show the transparent one attached to the center connector with the fish symbol (Out To Pond), but I discovered

that the transparent one should be connected to the right (or left, depending on viewing position) connector with the flower symbol (Out For Cleaning) in order to view the water clarity on discharge.

Also I discovered that the transparent disk meant to stop the discharge from continuously leaking through the Cleaning Port only works well if it is inserted first with the rubber washer seal after.

Then it’s easy to unscrew the port, remove the disk, reattach the port, switch the dial from pond (fish symbol) to clean (flower symbol), push down the big button to compress the filter sponges.

With the transparent connector you can easily judge how long to discharge to clear the muck out of the filter.

When the water runs clear, simply switch the dial back to pond, disconnect the port, reinsert the clear disk and rubber washer and reattach to the port.

I attached a corrugated pipe from pump (Jebao 3,100 GPH Magnetic Drive Pond Pump) to port with pump symbol, I attached a corrugated pipe from center port with fish symbol and routed it to my DIY biofilter/waterfall,

I attached a 24′ long corrugated sump pump cleanout pipe to the port with the flower symbol using the transparent connector and routed it to my flower bed behind the pond.

Now, cleanout is a simple procedure, no more heavy lifting or disassembling and reassembling for filter cleanout.

I had watched many youtube videos on building various pond biofilters and considered doing an upgraded DIY, but after looking into material costs and time and effort, I decided this was the most reasonable solution, and so it is! I am well pleased.

Grech CPF-2500 Pond Bio Pressure Filter UVC 13-watt Up to 1600 Gallons Review

Review from robert McDermott

I have been through countless filter systems for my 800-gallon pond and this system is the best.

The thing I love is how I can clean it out without opening it up, just turn the backflow knob and rotate the cleaning handle.

You can see all the dirt pouring out that the filter caught. The only issue I had was that my pump hose did not fit on any of the adapters they sent.

OASE BioSmart 5000 Pond Filter Review

best koi pond filter Review from Katie

I’m only writing a review because I’ve been struggling with muck and dead algae particles floating in my water for years! I’ve tried quilt batting, in-ground biofilters, pond vacuums, barley straw, algae eaters, you name it, I’ve tried it.

I’m amazed by this filter. Its been running for about a month and a half now and the water is crystal clear. Absolutely no debris left in my pond anymore.

It looks like it’s an indoor aquarium. That’s how clean the water is. The first day I hooked it up I noticed within a couple hours the algae particles would pass through the filter and back into the pond.

I didn’t think it was going to do the job for me. Then I decided to clean the filter more than once a day.

I cleaned it 2-3 times a day for a week (the water cleared up completely within a week).

I had been cleaning the filter once a day since then but lately I’ve been cleaning it once a week.

The water is still clear as ever! I’ve never owned a filter that’s as easy to clean as this one.

All you do is backwash the filter and pull up on the handles inside the lid of the filter. That’s it! Takes 7 minutes max! I bought the OASE 10000 and wasn’t sure how big of a pump to get for it.

I have a 5500 gallon pump (my pond is 2200gal). The hose is about 15 feet long and the lift is 3.5 to 4ft.

The flow is excellent. I spent hundreds on my pond this year and debated spending a few more on this filter.

Thank god I did. I will never have to buy another maintenance item to clear up sludge ever again! *I just added 2 before photos and an after photo

Best koi pond filter people also ask

Can you over filter a koi pond?
The size of your filter should ideally be based on the Koi population and how much waste they are expected to produce.
But it is not easy to see the waste volume; so just go at least twice as big as your pond size. You can never oversize your filter. Adding an air pump is also important

Depending on what you are putting in that pond (koi or goldfish), you may … You have plenty of water flow with the two pumps but the filters

Not sure but guessing I am near the point of over filtering ,13 fish and the … But I do have 2 koi that are over 2 feet so that adds to the load of fish

As far as the health of your fish are concerned, over-filtering is not really an issue. While they do not naturally live in water that is completely

Do I need a filter for my koi pond?
Keeping Fish in a Pond without a Filter System (Do’s & Don’ts) ) Small fish can often survive in a filter-less pond, but large fish, such as koi, would require a dedicated filter system

What is the best pump and filter for a pond?

What size pond pump and filter do I need?
It is recommended that you circulate your pond’s water once at least every 2 hours. Hence, your pump should have a GPH (gallons per hour) rating of at least half of your pond size. For example, if you had a 1000 gallon pond, then you will require a 500 GPH pond pump.

What is a good pond filter?
Best Pond Filter Reviews
OASE BioSmart Pond Filter. First up is the OASE BioSmart pond filter.
Best Choice Products Pressure Bio Filter.
Tetra Pond Bio-Active Pressure Filter with UV Clarifier.
GoPlus Pond Pressure Bio Filter.
Grech CPF-2500 Pond Bio Pressure Filter
CNZ Pond Filter System with UV Sterilizer and Pump.

Learn how to build a koi pond filter here

Check out here the best koi pond filter

Learn more about koi pond

What is the best filter system for a koi pond?

Koi Pond Filters For Koi Ponds
TetraPond Bio-Active Pressure Filter with UV Clarifier Up to 800, 1200 Gallons
OASE BioSmart 5000 Pond Filter Up to 1250 Gallons
Aquascape Submersible Pond Water Filter Up to 400 Gallons
CNZ All-in One Pond Filter System with UV Sterilizer Up to 300 Gallons

Are pressure filters OK for koi ponds?

They’re no match for the monster filters that clean the monster-filled lakes that many keepers have, but for small fish they do OK. Many filters slow down as they clog before you clean them, not just pressure filters.

Can you over filter a koi pond?

koi pond filter

The size of your filter should ideally be based on the Koi population and how much waste they are expected to produce. But it is not easy to see the waste volume; so just go at least twice as big as your pond size. You can never oversize your filter. … So a lot of aeration in a pond is essential.

How do koi pond filters work?

Most beginners believe a pond filter works by removing physical dirt and it is this which keeps the water sparkling clean. … These helpful bacteria break down invisible toxins produced directly from the fish and the decaying of physical waste such as fish faeces, excess food or organic material at the bottom of the pond.

How often should I clean my koi pond filter?

After the first 6 weeks, with the pond water at 65 degrees or warmer, the filter bag should be cleaned once a week, unless there is dirt on the bottom of the pond from plants tipping over, or the fish have kicked out the gravel while trying to spawn.

Do Koi need moving water?

Koi carp need running water, and it is one of the main elements you should plan for within your koi pond. There is no way to get around this! … The only time that you should turn off all of your water-moving equipment at the same time is during maintenance

How deep should Pond be for koi?

3 feet deep
A serious koi pond should be at least 3 feet deep and no areas should be shallower than 2 feet. Any areas shallower than 2 feet is an open invitation to dinner for both blue herons and raccoons. If you don’t think you have predators in your neighborhood just build a shallow pond and watch what happens!

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