States With Free College Programs in 2022

States With Free College Programs in 2022
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Education is expensive. In particular, getting a college degree may require a lot of resources for an average student. This cost causes prospective students to think carefully before deciding where to get their degrees. Most students need to evaluate the possibility of securing a loan or determine the likelihood of obtaining a scholarship. However, finding sponsorship is challenging due to competition – many people are trying to access such funding. These reasons and many others push students to find other options.

Luckily enough, many locations have free college programs. These schemes are expanding within and outside several states. This article will give you information about free college programs in 2022.

Free Tuition for College Programs

There are only three locations that offer free tuition scholarships to their citizens. However, other schools give free tuition for community colleges and limited tuition-free programs. The states that provide free university tuition are Indiana, New York, and Washington. Each of these states has a specific program for students. The specifics of this sponsorship are presented below.

21st Century Scholarship

If you are an Indiana student, you can access a tuition-free scholarship that covers your university or college degree for four years. This sponsorship applies to students in a public or private college. For you to be qualified, you must match the following requirements.

  • Have a minimum of 2.5 GPA in high school.
  • Finish a scholar program.
  • Fulfill grade level requirements.
  • Do a minimum of 30 hours of credit annually while in school.

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Excelsior Scholarship

A student from New York can access the Excelsior Scholarship. This funding is available for individuals that attend a college within the state. In addition, the funding amount is a maximum of $125,000, depending on the institution. However, the scholarship does not include accommodation. The criteria for qualifying for this funding are highlighted below.

  • A minimum of 30 credits per year.
  • High GPA levels.
  • A student must first get the state’s assistance or a federal grant.
  • An applicant must be from New York and stay in the state for several years.

College Bound Scholarship

This Washington student funding covers tuition book allowance and other small fees. Applications must be put in no later than the 30th of June. The applicant should be an 8th-grade student. Some requirements for this funding are:

  • A minimum 2.0 GPA after graduating from high school.
  • Maintain good academic performance when admitted to college.
  • A student must complete their course within 5 years.

Community Colleges and Limited Tuition-Free Schemes

Several locations offer free tuition to students that enroll in community colleges. There are 14 such locations in the states of California, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Tennessee. Different programs apply in different states. However, all the scholarship programs require high academic performance from applicants, which, according to global trends in education, is going down.

The limited tuition-free scheme applies in only six states. These states are Arkansas, Kentucky, Kansas, Virginia, South Dakota, and West Virginia. Similarly, requirements vary. So, a student must possess excellent academic and personal records.


There are 23 states that offer free college programs in varying capacities. 3 states have a comprehensive scholarship scheme for all their citizens. On the other hand, 14 states have a scheme covering only community colleges. 6 states operate a limited tuition-free system for students that are considered citizens of the state. Review all the options we outlined above, and you will likely find a program that fits your needs.

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