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koi fish keeping info Articles On Koi Fish Keeping And Koi Ponds

Here are the articles on koi fish keeping that are helpful, especially if you’re a beginner.

Know what to do, and how to keep koi fish real healthy and happy, before you buy the koi and before you build your pond.

Want to learn more about koi fish keeping?

Get the koi fish secrets in this invaluable koi keeping guide.

Here are the articles:

Learn More About Koi FIsh Keeping

Landscaping Tips: Koi Pond Aeration Needed for Healthy Fish
Fish keepers know that koi pond aeration is an important element in a healthy garden pool. Animals need oxygen, and fish are no exception. Koi fish literally breathe the oxygen that is dissolved into their.

What A Water Garden Can Teach You

A water garden provides a wonderful educational opportunity for kids and adults alike. The process of designing a water garden is a great entry into the world of Japanese history, the study of aesthetics.

Handcrafted Garden Bridges Redwood Bridges for Koi Ponds

Producing custom designed and handcrafted redwood garden bridges for Japanese water gardens, Koi fish ponds and landscaped yards. We produce handcrafted Redwood garden bridges for Koi ponds, Japanese.

Koi Carp and breeding
Koi Carp and breeding for profitKoi are amazing animals. They have evolved originally from common carp and were originally thought of as throw backs. The koi world has grown massively and is continuing.

Add a Water Garden to Your Landscape
Garden ideas and themes are incomplete without a waterscape. Water gardens can be created both indoors and outdoors. Indoor water gardens can be maintained more easily than the outdoor one. One may wish.

What Are Koi Ponds?
There has been a lot noise made about them in recent years. Everyone is talking about getting or already having a Koi pond, but just what the heck is a Koi pond? Is it a pond of special seaweed? No thanks!

Understanding the Importance Of Keeping Your Koi Pond Clean

“Over The Garden Wall With Oaky” Today I want to talk about the importance of keeping your Koi Carp pond clean. Remember it really should be one of your number one priorities. A clean pond could mean the.

Want to Build a Pond?
A pond, logically, the first question you should ask is WHERE? Do you have a huge yard with a lot of trees and shrubs and flowerbeds? In other words what is the present landscape like? Would you prefer.

Easy Pond and Water Garden Construction

Todays successful water garden usually is designed as an ecosystem that uses a balance between fish, plants and bacteria keeping the water clear. The type of pond Im talking about is self-contained (not.

How Do I Build A Koi Pond?
If you’ve seen a water garden, odds are, you’ve seen koi fish. The challenge is, how to create the perfect ecosystem for your little friends.Koi ponds are built so that it can offer the most favorable.

Japanese Koi Water Garden

There are a lot of people that will tell you not to put Japanese Koi and plants together. Pet stores and internet articles suggest that koi will destroy any plants you put in your pond. I have been keeping.

Koi Pond Aeration
To achieve Koi pond aeration, there are some things you can do. One, you can go to your local hobby store or pet supply store and purchase one of those small air pumps, hook some tubing to it, along with.

Wholesale Koi Courier Delivery Service Now Available in Mid-Atlantic Region
Koi retailers in the Mid-Atlantic Region can now purchase and have their koi delivered via courier service directly to their business location for no additional cost. Washingtonville, NY (PRWEB) March.

Fish Health in Hot Summer Heat
Summer is over, but for many of us – the heat remains. Here a couple of things to do to keep your fish healthy and your pond clear going into winter. First, remember to keep your pond well aerated. This

Koi are domesticated ornamental varieties of the common carp Cyprinus carpio. They are not goldfish, just very closely related to goldfish, and the style of breeding and ornamentation has become very similar,

Suggestions for a Koi First Aid Kit
So, you are a proud koi pond owner with a dozen beautiful koi fish. Everything is fine until that moment when your koi fish getting sick for the first time. What you should do? Prevention is the most important

The Benefits of Koi Ponds
Sure, having a Koi pond is rather trendy these days. With their growing popularity, it seems that everybody wants a Koi pond. But are there any real benefits to having your very own Koi pond? The testimonials.

Pond Tour To Help Raise Funds For Deadly Fish Disease
Fins, Feathers, Paws & Claws will hold their Second Annual Pond Tour from 10am – 4pm on Sunday, July 17, 2005 to benefit the AKCA-Project KHV. Harleysville, Pa.(PRWEB) July 14, 2005 — Fins, Feathers,

Want To Build A Koi Pond?- 12 Tips You Need To Know
Want To Build A Koi Pond?- 12 Tips You Need To Know by: Dirk Bristol You have always dreamed of having an”oasis” in your back yard. A beautiful koi pond can be that “oasis”, and the envy of the neighborhood.

Maintaining Oxygen Levels in Fish and KOI Ponds
Severe environmental stressors are the most frequent causes of sudden fish death in garden ponds or other fish habitats, and the lack of oxygen in the water is the number 1 stressor of all. Two major.

Protecting your Garden Pond from Pesky Predators
Notice any fish disappearing lately? While herons are present year-round, water gardeners notice the challenges they bring to the pond in spring and early summer when herons feed their young. An adult

Little Koi Disease Guide
A Koi’s health depends on the environment provided by you, the koi pond owner. Koi fish have a high resistance generally, but the stressful conditions can break down the immune system, as in humans.

History of Koifish
The word ‘Koi’ comes from Japan, but Koi fish originated from China. The koi word means carp, the exact term is the Cyprinus carpio. You probably heard that word: Nishikigoi, this is a more specific term.

Why a Pond Heater-Deicer Is Necessary
     One of the most frequently asked questions in the fall-winter pond season is, “Do I need a pond heater or deicer for my pond?”  There are several factors to consider before.

Pond Construction
The location of your pond should be decided. Youve picked a good spot in your yard where you can see the pond from different places, and its near enough to the house so you can see it from a window.

koi fish keeping info people ask?

What do koi fish need to survive?
Your koi fish need a proper mix of sun and shade. Oxygen: It’s important to have a source of oxygen in your pond.

Getting a pump to circulate and aerate your fish pond water, infusing much-need oxygen into your koi carp pond. Raising koi is impossible without an oxygen-rich environment

Author: Giovanni Carlo

I am a koi fish keeper and breeder a husband of beautiful wife Maybel and beautiful daughter May Carl I have been in fish keeping hobby for over 35 years. Like many kids in the 80's We catch fish in the rivers and canals and kept it in the "pasong" local visayan name for pond. or a large mayo bottle since We don't have aquariums yet on that time. decades later their is a small petshop open in my place and that starts me from buying aquarium and fishes that are sold in the pet store decades later start growing goldfish and koi fish until today.

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