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Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Take Care of Their Koi

Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Take Care of Their Koi

Giving a child a goldfish can be an excellent way to teach responsibility. Once your children are a bit more mature, you can introduce them to koi fish. Although koi require more care than goldfish, they are also more versatile, and they can be placed indoors or outdoors. Use latch hook hairstyles or another extra special treat to reward your child for a job well done. You will be happy to learn that your kids are capable of caring for your koi fish once you teach them how to do things correctly. Here is the best way to get kids to care for their koi.

Ask Your Kids to Demonstrate

Setting up and maintaining a koi pond can be fun, so your children will want to get hands on right away. After the koi are safely placed in their aquarium or pond, you can have your kids show you that they know what to do. Have them feed the koi while you stand back and observe. When it comes time to clean out the pond or tank, give your children the tools and supervise them as they set out to work. As long as the responsibilities you give them are age appropriate, your children will impress you with how well they take charge.

Make Them Responsible for a Set Period of Time

When kids are old enough to be home alone for a period of time, they’re definitely big enough to take care of their own koi. Add koi care responsibilities on your children’s chore chart so they know what to do. This can mean that they need to check the koi pond’s water temperature every morning, or that they will need to feed their koi every day after school. Give them some responsibility but check up on them so that their koi are guaranteed to stay healthy. After a while, you can trust your kids to be responsible and you can even consider rewarding them with a funky hairstyle, like a mohawk or crochet braids.

Quiz Them on Their Koi Knowledge

After you have seen your kids feed their koi, clean out the tank, and check on their fish, you need to do just one more thing to ensure that they are fully responsible. Quiz your children on their knowledge of koi to see if they’ve got all the facts down right. Ask them about what water temperatures are safe for koi, how much food they should feed their fish, and what they should do if they see their koi are sick. Some of their answers might surprise you, but overall you can expect them to get the majority correct.

Koi fish live for a long time if they are cared for well, so your kids can grow up with a family pet that sticks around for decades. Get them started early so that they can care for their koi fish, even when you aren’t at home. As their fish grow larger and their collection becomes even more vast, they will get to know their koi on a personal level.

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