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this is how a koi fish taste like that you need to know

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This is a video of me tasting my cooked koi fish soap that I cook. I want to share with you guys how does it taste like he he

What I did prior to cooking my koi fish is I put it in the quarantine tank for days and did not feed it just like quarantine procedures prior to transporting to expel all of the koi fish food inside its body  this will get rid the smell of the algae, the algae in freshwater have foul smell and this will leave aftertaste when eaten so to get rid of this you need to quarantine your koi fish before cooking.

do japanese eat koi fish yes originally they are raised in rice paddies for food until came a time that there appeared a colored koi mutation and they interbreed it to make new colors and more and more breeders are interested in breeding Koi fish and the rest is history

does koi fish taste good not as tasty as the marine fishes freshwater fish have aftertaste so to lessen this as what I write in the first paragraph

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koi recipes

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