most expensive koi fish New World Record 203Million Yen 101cm Sakai Kohaku – S Legend

most expensive koi fish Koi fish color meaning in koi fish tattoo what you need to know 2019New World Record 203 Million Yen Approximately Singapore Dollars $2.5 Million or USD $1.8 Million 101cm Sakai Kohaku – S Legend Grand Champion – All Japan Koi Show 2017 Offspring of Neo Universe Congratulations to Sakai Fish Farm […]

Koi fish Facts About Koi Fish Care & Pond guide

koi fish All About The Koi The hobby of keeping Koi is a fascinating one that can become a lucrative business with a little research and a lot of work. Owning Koi is a relaxing pastime that you will enjoy throughout your life. The Koi is one of the most beautiful fish in existence. Their […]

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