Stages Of Improvement Of The Company In Accordance With a Given Course Of Development:

Stages Of Improvement Of The Company In Accordance With a Given Course Of Development:

This stage of the development of the strategic management system can be called “fine tuning” – the prescribed plan is being improved, honed, and work is under way on errors.

A business that has grown to this stage is already moving into the category of large – here begins the formalization of business processes, the decomposition of global strategic goals into short-term goals with a description of detailed tasks and steps, the compilation of detailed goal setting for each enterprise division and much more. ZoeTalentSolutionsto know more about management skills.

This is the stage at which the corporate culture, mission and values of the company originate and are described; the management uses not only the task setting, delegation and control tools, but also actively engages work with the individual goals of the employees (the value management is born).

This stage is quite natural and achievable, provided that the company uses at the previous stages of its formation and further growth the formalization of goals, the specification of tasks for performers, the constant tracking of their achievement.

It may seem that only this is not enough for full strategic planning. But often, an effectively tuned goal setting system (the preliminary and first stage of creating a strategic management system) is fully satisfied not only with the early stages of business development, but also with more mature companies, for whom the ease of using the system and the simplicity of perceiving necessary information are important.

How to set goals?
At the stage of implementation of the task, the entrepreneur is faced with the fact that the quality of its performance is lame or the task is simply not performed.

In 90% of cases, this is not due to the qualifications and motivation of the contractor, but to fuzzy planning – firstly, the wording is very vague and can be interpreted dually, and secondly, the goal is not fixed anywhere (not recorded), is not tied to anything it is not clear how it affects the achievement of other goals), and is not defined in time.

The employee is forced to perform the task, based on his understanding, and the result at the exit rarely coincides with what is desirable for the manager. Compare: the goal is “to increase the sales of products” and “to increase the sales of food processing films by 20% by July 2014 compared to the same period of the previous year” with the designation of resources, performers, control points.

Key Strategic Planning Theses:
It is important for the owner of small and medium business to understand that just one mental “picture” of the development of his company is not enough – it should be stated in the form of a document.

This may not necessarily be a paper talmud – today it is more relevant to use auxiliary electronic planning systems that allow you to visually set out a vision of where the company is aiming for and what goals it should achieve, as well as manage it daily.

The presence of such clearly defined and specific tasks, divided into stages, allows you to more accurately synchronize the efforts of all staff, help eliminate possible disputes and misunderstandings, reduce the risk of “bottlenecks” and allow you to track at what stage you are at.

The Strategic plansets the main guidelines in the development of the company, allowing for a more systematic and adequate assessment of the internal resources of the organization and the market opportunities for its development.

The existence of such a plan does not guarantee 100% success of the enterprise, because errors in motivation, some force majeure circumstances or other factors cannot be excluded.

However, visualized planning, describing your own goals and tracking them online will create the most favorable conditions for the growth of the company, its strengthening in the market and the effective distribution of available resources within the organization.

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