shiro utsuri koi

Ginshiro shiro utsuri koi

shiro utsuri koi

shiro utsuri koi are black and white koi. The black appears as bands around the body. Black on some portion of the head and motoguro on pectoral fins is desirable.

They say that you start with Kohaku and end with Kohaku.

This means that the sumi will generally rise up on the koi in areas you may or may not want it

This jet black koi should have a dazzling white pattern wrapped around its body. History of Shiro Utsuri.

Utsurimono Koi Variety. Shiro Utsuri koi variety. Shiro Utsuri.

Shiro Utsuri – Shiro Utsuri are koi with a black base overlain by areas of white. A high quality Shiro Utsuri will combine clean white patterns

shiro utsuri koi genealogy

shiro utsuri koi genealogy

Shiro Utsuri is the offspring of Ki Utsuri and the Ki Utsuri is the offspring of Aka Bekko and Ki Bekko and the parents of Aka Bekko and Ki Bekko is a Magoi and a Higoi which is an offspring of Tetsu Magoi

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doitsu shiro utsuri koi

Doitsu shiro utsuri are Koi with few or no scales utsuri koi fish see photo below

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Doitsu Shiro Utsuri

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How do I select Shiro Utsuri?The skin should be bright white, the head is nice if it has no yellowing, but can be yellow if the koi is female. Female Shiro Utsuri will usually whiten up if they have a yellow head when young; males seem to develop yellow. If the skin has no luster, the koi will look flat

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If you want to learn more about types of koi

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