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You need to know How to Maximize your Profits With (Koi fish Breeding)

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How to Maximize your Profits With Koi fish Breeding

How to make money with Koi fish breeding is a potentially very lucrative business venture indeed, however as with any business venture, caution, due diligence and patience are all essential for any degree of success to be achieved. It is vital that the breeder does not become so fixated on the potential profits to be earned that they lose sight and focus of the more mundane day to day issues, which whilst cumbersome, onerous and tedious are vital for the long-term success for the project as a whole.

One of the most fundamental issues concerning breeding Koi for profit is the quality of the parents. The Koi parents will be responsible for producing more and more offspring, and so if the source is tainted/less than ideal, then so too will the children. Many would-be Koi breeders will gasp upon hearing the asking price for a top quality Koi parent, in reality however this should be seen as a business investment rather than a business expense.

Professional breeders have been known to spend tens of thousands of dollars in order to secure a premium parent, and in this business, it is quality that counts and as an absolute bare minimum figure, you should expect to pay no less than $1000. It is crucial that you are well aware of the various figures and amounts involved in this business prior to you actually entering into it. Given the high value of this particular commodity, (and the high costs associated with it as well) having sufficient money both in terms of the capital sums as well as ongoing expenses is a necessity.

Plan your business, your current assets, and your current resources very carefully. In the Koi breeding business, you tend to have to rely upon ranges of numbers, rather than exact amounts. For example, an adult Koi female when pregnant can give birth to anywhere between 50,000-500,000 eggs and whilst not every single egg will fertilise and grow, a significant proportion will. You need to draw an average figure as to what percentage of the laid eggs do not develop into Koi fry, and then write that off as a bad debt, this will have to be included in your profit margins as an expense. You may need to charge more per fully grown Koi fish in order to offset this drain on your finances.

50,000-500,000 is an exceptionally high number by any stretch of the imagination and even with the percentage of the eggs that will fail to grow into fully fledged fry, you are looking at a lot of fish that will gradually grow in size! Again, you will need to be intimately aware of the amounts of food that they consume, in order to ensure that they have enough and do not starve. You may find that some of your fish will grow faster than others and thus as a result, dominate the food supply meaning that weaker and smaller fry cannot access it. It is these small details that you have to be the most stringent and in control of, if you want your breeding Koi for profit to have any sort of measure of success. In the words of that timeless adage:

“Fail to prepare, and you prepare to fail.”

Will you separate the fish from one another as they grow and develop, and achieve their varying stages of maturity? This may become essential in the event that a small number of fish end up bullying and dominating the rest of the pool. Having the fish segregated from one another will also help make it your system more organised and methodical, allowing you to start additional breeding with newly developed adults, in order to continue the cycle of growth. However, just because the number of fish being born is increasing, does not mean that your profit margin is. Make sure that you are at least breaking even before you begin to expand.

Koi Fish Breeding For Profit

When we talk about fish breeding, the first thing that comes in mind is the fact that fish spawn huge number of eggs and when these eggs hatch the fry grow to be mature fish then you sell them generating huge profits. If this is your idea about koi breeding then do yourself a favor and do not breed any type of fish, especially koi.

Koi fish could be a very profitable business but for hard workers who do not plan to take any vacations in the near future and work for a long period of time daily. As every profitable business, koi breeding is risky. One mistake and you are out of the game, but on the other hand if you played it by the book then you will get a nice rewarding profit.

To start koi breeding you should be prepared completely to face any usual or unusual circumstances during the breeding cycle. First, let us browse through some simple facts to give a quick idea about the process.

The female koi fish spawn approximately two hundred thousand fry; let us do some math here. The usual hatching percent of moderate koi equals 50% which results in a 100 000 fry. We can say that one grown fish is sold for anywhere from 50 to 500 dollars according to size and type. A mean calculation price of 80 dollars should be appropriate. The transportation through the United States costs around 15 dollars.

So, let us say that 70 000 fry reach the market size and sold for 80 dollars and subtracting the shipping cost of 15 dollars and another 25 dollars for the growing up cost then the net profit of one fish is approx. 40 dollars; this is a very good profit but it needs a lot of attention to gain it.

There was an old joke saying: when would a person become very rich from breeding a koi fish? The answer was: well….. He should become very reach in the beginning. That proves that breeding koi is not a small project that you are going to start it with few bucks and then you get bored and get rid of it. It is a big project that invests a reasonable amount of money to gain tangible profit.

The first requirement which is even before the money is the place. You need a big pond filled with water that can be aerated and circulated on daily basis. Your pond should be deep enough to keep constant temperature at the bottom half. Filters and especially biofilters are very important to keep the koi fish healthy.

Bottom line, you should be prepared to spend money and time before expecting to start receiving your profit. As long as you are keeping your eyes on the koi pond, you will keep getting profit from it. If you think that after a while you will be able to sit back and the farm will generate money alone then you should really think twice. Koi are a sensitive fish that need attention and caring and it will give you the suitable rewarding profit for the time and effort invested. Do not waste your time, be prepared and read a lot and then apply what you read in a good koi farm and you won’t regret it!

Paving the Way to Success in Koi Breeding

Paving the way to success in Koi breeding is a task easier said than done because Koi breeding is a business that is dominated by overwhelming, incomprehensible and simply outrageous numbers and amounts. The amount of hours the average Koi breeder has to work, the number of eggs that the typical female will lay, the number of eggs that fail to hatch, the profits to be made and many other factors are all exceptionally high. However, with time and dedication—it can be a very rewarding career.

The steep learning curve and the strong, and downright life-consuming commitment required in order for a degree of success to be achieved with this particular industry is enough to deter all but the most determined (and indeed foolhardy) of entrepreneurs. For those tenacious and brave few who remain firm in their pursuit of excellence and who maintain a unwavering dedication to routine, discipline and organisation will find that they will achieve that much coveted (and indeed deserved) degree of success.

If you are planning to get more involved with Koi breeding as a means of generating income, please be aware that you are not in for a “get rich quick” scheme, an easy ride or a soft option. You will have to be prepared for back-breaking, mind-numbing and soul-destroying work. You will have to wake up several times during the night just to feed the fish, change their water or ensure that the eggs are hatching as they should. If you intend to do this on any meaningful scale, you cannot approach this half-heartedly as it will require your utmost commitment.

One of the most testing parts of Koi breeding is the major financial obligation it imposes upon the breeder. Koi breeding involves the care, feeding and breeding of tens of thousands of fish at any given time and so this is a major undertaking and the logistics will involve very steep numbers indeed. The breeder must set aside sufficient amounts of food, and be prepared to buy the food in bulk. Buying in bulk will raise a couple of advantages; firstly it means that the chances of the Koi breeder running out of food are reduced to a more comfortable margin. Many companies that sell Koi food will offer discounts for a bulk purchase, and may even offer additional discounts and concessions for repeat customers so make sure you do your research and choose the best company for you.

Given that food is such a fundamental requirement for any organism’s survival, it is simply imperative that you, as the Koi breeder, ensure that you have a sufficient amount at any given time. It is merely a suggestion but, you may want to have a system whereby you measure the amount of Koi food you have at a particular time and if the available amount of food should fall below a certain level, you automatically place a new order in. Different companies will have different payment policies, some will require payment outright, and some will be happy to sell goods on credit which means that you have a period of time in which to may payment. Just like the food, make sure you have sufficient cash to hand to help cover the costs of such expenses.

Another very important factor to rely upon when comparing various suppliers for Koi food is the speed of which they will be able to make a delivery. Obviously, the quicker, the better However, this can be somewhat mitigated by the suggestion above. Make sure you factor in emergencies or unforeseen circumstances. If your food should spoil, or become unusable for whatever reason, how long would it take for you to acquire the required amount? Put bluntly, if you don’t have enough food, the fish will die and your profits will suffer.

Be smart, and get the finer details of the breeding program will and truly under wraps before you make any sort of purchase.

Profiting From Koi Breeding

Koi fish is a very beautiful creature; it is originating from the common carp. It is known to be natural habitant of the East Asian waters. This type of fish has several sub categories including butterfly koi fish. The general characteristics of the fish are the colored patches on the fish body and the branched fins in the butterfly sub category.

Breeding koi fish could be a very interesting hobby and it could turn at some point into a profitable business, you only need to put you hands on the principle information to gain a very good profit beside practicing your favorite hobby. You have to possess some qualifications to start breeding koi on business size.

The first thing is space, you should know that every koi fish spawn about 200000 – 250000 fry and if only half of this number grow to become a mature fish then you need a pond that is enough for 100 000 mature fish. This number of fish requires thousands of water gallons. Also koi breeding needs water circulation to keep the water fresh and aerated. If the pond is deep, you need to place some aerators to supply oxygen in the water.

The second thing you need is time. Koi breeding is very time consuming and it is very risky as any other highly profitable business. You need long time every day to take care of the fish especially at the time of spawning and hatching as the temperature should be regulated precisely.

The characteristic symbol declaring that the fish is going to spawn is the arrow head figure where you will find a male leading two females to find a calm place to spawn the eggs then the male come back to fertilize these eggs.

When you notice the fish searching for spawning place then you need to supply a brush-like fingered apparatus to put the eggs inside. After the eggs are fertilized, you should transfer them to another small calm pond or tank till they hatch. The water of the hatching pond must be highly purified using bio filters and cloth screens. The fine particles in the water can hinder the growth of koi fish. A tip for you, to develop a good body for a koi fish you should induce a water current in the pond so the fish has to swim counter the current, this exercise helps in building good body.

So, after all of these steps and long procedure, does the koi fish breeding worth these hard requirements or not? The answer should be calculated, one fish needs 20 – 30 dollars for breeding till it is 6 to 8 inches which is the least market size. It also costs about 10 to 15 dollars for transportation from the farm to the pet store or the buyer. This sums up to 40 dollars approximately. When we look at the selling price of these fishes we will find from the first glance in the market that it is a very profitable business, as the average 6 inches fish is sold for 60 -75 dollars with net profit oscillating around the 20 dollar figure. When you multiply this number by the number of hatched eggs (100 000 roughly) you will be sure that koi breeding worth the exhausting effort that it needs.

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