oxidized sterling silver ring engraved koi fish &lotus flower 100% pure sterling silver



sterling silver rings koi fish ring fish ring 100% pure 925 silver 925 Sterling Silver Fish And Lotus Flowers Rings For Women

The Surface size Width is: 15mm and 0.590551 inch

The ring is malleable it is adjustable

The Lotus, called ‘Lian Hua’ in Chinese is a universal symbol of purity and enlightenment. Regarded as good fortune flower by many Feng Shui masters, the lotus is said to turn bad luck to good luck and heighten your sense of joy and peace.

If the powerful serenity of a koi pond is something you’d like to carry with you, then this incredible laser engraving 100% 925 silver Koi Fish Ring was meant for you.

Handmade Sterling Silver Koi fish ring symbolizes luck and good fortune. This molded ring is actually three dimensional

Swimming koi represent advancement and determination. Koi Fish, in general, symbolize wealth and surplus, and the Chinese believe koi particularly represent good fortune in business and academics.

Buddhists, on the other hand, see koi fish as representations of courage.

Together in a koi pond, they represent love and friendship

Koi Fish meaning in Japan is good fortune or luck they also are associated with perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose,

the Koi fish symbolize good luck, abundance and perseverance. Symbolic in Buddhism is to represent courage.

As with anything blue, it also represents peace, tranquility, and calmness.

Yellow. Tattoos often use a combination of yellow and orange to represent a gold-colored koi.

These gold-colored fish symbolize fortune and wealth.

The Japanese term for them is yamabuki.


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