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ochiba shigure

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Ochiba Shigure, commonly referred to as Ochiba, combine the brown/bronze of Chagoi with the silver/grey of Soragoi. The name Ochiba Shigure translates as “autumn leaves falling on water”, a reference to the silver and bronze pattern. Variations of Ochiba include Gin Rin Ochiba and Doitsu Ochiba.

ochiba shigure,

ginrin ochiba shigure

Gin Rin Ochiba Shigure A newer variety,
this striking koi has reflective scales (“Gin
Rin”) that give it a sparkling appearance.

ochiba shigure koi,

ochiba shigure, color development

Ochiba shigure color/pattern development. I love this pattern with its ‘netted’ design and splotches of color. I also like asagi very much

do female gin rin ochiba shigure breed in ponds

ochiba shigure butterfly koi

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This is a butterfly version of ochiba shigure koi

gin rin ochiba shigure

ochiba shigure for sale

koiphen ochiba shigure

ochiba shigure koi for sale

do female gin rin ochiba shigure breed naturally in decorative ponds

maruten ochiba shigure

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This is an ochiba with maruten formation pattern

gin rin ochiba shigure for sale

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ochiba shigure People also ask

What is a Ochiba shigure?
The name Ochiba shigure means “autumn leaves falling on water”, which aptly describes the brown pattern on the grey blue body.

What makes a good Ochiba koi?
A Good Ochiba You want the base color to be consistent with good scale reticulation. No scales should be misaligned. You want a good contrast between the base color and the patterned plate of the other colors on the back. This pattern should be pleasing to the eye, and more importantly balanced looking.

What is an Ochiba koi?
Ochiba (also known as Ochiba Shigure) are a fairly new variety of Koi, created in the mid-90’s by cross breeding Chagoi with Sorogoi. The result is a Koi with a Silver/Grey background or base skin colour, overlaid with striking patterns of Bronze/Gold.

Are Ochiba koi friendly?
Being bred from two of the most friendly kinds of Japanese Koi, the Ochiba Koi fish is one of the friendliest Koi breeds. Many Koi collectors introduce Ochiba into their Koi ponds for the express purpose of encouraging the pond’s population to be more sociable.

What does 落ち葉 (Ochiba) mean in Japanese? ; 落葉 ; defoliation noun ; 落葉 ; fallen leaves color noun ; 落ち葉.

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