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(koi fish) transforming into a dragon 2017

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The legend of the koi fish transforming into a dragon

This is my diorama video telling the story of the legend of the koi fish transforming into a dragon

Once upon a time, there was a little Kohaku koi fish who lives in a beautiful small pond.  One day He decided to go in the dragon’s gate because he wanted to become a dragon as what he heard his grandfather told him that whenever you will succeed in reaching the dragon’s gate you will turn into a beautiful dragon,  so the little kohaku koi fish jump out of his pond and swim towards the dragons gate when He was about to reach the summit of the water fall the Gods test him they make large waves to prevent the koi fish from reaching

the dragon’s gate but the little koi fish is determined to reach the top He keeps on swimming even if he was already tired and exausted and then the Gods throw him ball of fires and even lighting but this did not stop the little kohaku koi fish he continues to swim upward the water fall and then successfully reach the dragon’s gate. The Gods were very pleased with the little koi fish that they turn the little koi fish into a beautiful dragon.

My story is based on Fish in Chinese mythology

Here is also a story from this site

The Threshold of the Dragon’s Gate

“Beneath the serene quiet of the water lilies
a young carp senses a calling . . . swelling up in her heart
like the swirling waters at the base of a great waterfall,
Somehow summoned to go beyond the barrier
of crashing water and veiled mist
The churning waters of the waterfall’s bottom
matches that of the young carp’s desires

Finally with a burst of enthusiasm the carp has launched herself
up the wall of rushing water
cresting the first fall with a surge of effort
only to be met with relentless rushing water.
Persevering from one cataract to the next
the carp make it to the summit’s last falls.
Regrouping her energies in a pocket of scouring effervescence
every essence of strength, courage, and spirit is consumed
in the launching over the fall’s summit.

And the dragon’s gate accepts her efforts a transforming gate of fire
Revealing the birth of a new Dragon
born of the seed of desire planted in the heart of a small carp
that once hid in the shallows.”
– Howard Schroeder, Threshold of the Dragon’s Gate

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