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koi fish jewelry

koi fish jewelry Buy now our Beautiful awesome ( koi fish jewelry) will make you awe!

koi fish jewelry that is made up of handmade and some are a vintage style koi fish pendant, koi fish ring, koi fish bracelet.

Japanese koi fish jewelry Pendant Asian Art Necklace perfect gift for birthdays the heart glass carp pendant handmade gifts.

Check out also our koi fish jewelry in sterling 925 silver and 14k gold.

Find our great deals also of koi fish jewelry and koi fish ring even koi fish stud earrings.

Browse different koi fish jewelry designs on our custom jewelry selection and find a wide assortment of custom printed designs koi fish necklaces, koi fish bracelets, and koi fish necklaces.

Koi fish necklace mythical jewelry with koi fish pendant and koi fish ocean jewelry Asian jewelry 18k Gold turquoise rings.

  1. Beautiful Tacho koi fish pendant  koi necklace 

koi necklace and koi fish pendant koi fish jewelry

  • koi fish necklace with koi fish pendant
  • Sterling Silver Zirconia
  • Made up of Silver
  • Stones are made up of Cubic Zirconia

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2. Beautiful  vintage koi fish necklace with pocket watch  koi fish pendant

koi fish pendant pocket watch vintage koi fish jewelry

koi fish pendant locket

koi fish pendant locket

Product details

  • Pocket Watch Necklace koi fish pendant
  • Materials are made up of allow and glass
  • Unisex both men and women can wear
  • No resin, epoxy or plastic used Only the highest quality Glass and metal.
  • koi fish pendant is handcrafted
  • All images are crafted and printed. On top was a dome crystal glass to cover and protect from ambient.


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3.koi fish pendant 925 Sterling Silver Zirconia Courage For Women Classic Gift Thomas Style Glam Jewelry Charms Fit Ts Necklace

Buy now koi fish pendant koi fish jewelry

  • Stones made up of Cubic Zirconia
  • Metal made up of 925 Sterling Silver

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4.Mens koi fish necklace and koi fish pendant

Mens koi fish necklace and koi fish pendant koi fish jewelry

Hundreds of finely textured shiny scales cover the muscular body, protruding fins and gaping mouth of this realistically crafted sterling silver 3D koi fish.

The koi fish pendant is attached to the chain by a barbed, miniature fishhook.

Revolutionary designer captures the dramatic motion of this fish out of the water as it launches itself at some tasty bait. It’s as if a high-speed camera shot this aquatic acrobat in mid-air.

3D koi fish necklace a fiery look of hunger. It’s like the look you get when you’re about to reel in a new client.

Koi fish are a hardy, valuable breed of multicolored carp that have been known to live nearly 100 years.

Some varieties cost more than $20,000 per fish, which is why koi fish are considered to be an international symbol of wealth, good luck and longevity.

You’ll definitely catch a lot of luck wearing this koi fish from around your neck.

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5. koi fish bracelet ,925 Sterling Silver Beads Fits Bracelet

koi fish bracelet koi fish jewelry

koi fish bracelet koi fish jewelry

  • Beads koi fish
  • Material made up of 925 Sterling Silver Beads
  • Round Shape

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6. 1 pair koi fish yin yang gauges black acrylic screw flesh tunnel ear plug ear expander body jewelry

koi fish yin yang koi fish ear plug earing


  • Beautiful koi fish yin yang Acrylic screw fit logo ear plug
  • Madeup of stainless steel

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Original 925 Silver Koi fish necklace and koi fish pendant

koi fish jewelry, koi fish necklace, koi fish pendant

koi fish necklace and koi fish pendant with 100% 925 silver forsale

  • Material:100% 925 silver pendant necklace
  • Vintage koi fish necklace 925 silver pendant
  • High-quality silver
  • Perfect for husband and boyfriend who are in koi fish keeping hobby

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14K Gold Koi fish necklace and koi fish pendant with beautiful Cubic Zirconia Stones

14k gold koi fish necklace and koi fish pendant forsale

24k gold koi fish pendant and koi fish necklace

  • 14K Gold Platinum Weight:18.2g
  • Beautiful stones made up of Cubic Zirconia

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Koi fish pendant blackstone peace pendant  is the sheep mascot koi Blackstone peace pendant this chicken Year 12 Lunar New Year

mascot koi fish pendant blackstone peace pendant

Beijing China,As you know, the culture of Chinese 5,000 years history contains inestimable history and culture all the arts,So the craft arts have a long history,Now the craft men use the ancient technics to create beautifully and wonder craft arts such as jade, jewelry and carving and stone artifacts, All of them are the symbol of happy and lucky, so they are worth to collect! Now this time I will show you an exquisite and excellent treasure!! you can see it is very well. With the perfect style, nice design, wonderful workmanship, it is really a rare artwork and worth collecting!!! It is in good condition. Look at the pictures you can see the shape is very well; So wonderful item . If you like Chinese culture, please don’t miss this item. I have another wonderful item

  • High 40 Width 30mm
  • Material black stone

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