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koi anesthesia How To Sedate Koi Naturally

koi anesthesia Anesthesia is to do when we need to treat a koi and we can not allow it to move or to suffer. That happens when we have to heal wounds,

Using anesthesia on Koi and Goldfish is not that hard. Actually the procedure is quite simple and much less stressful on the fish and us when we need to treat

Initially many koi will undergo a phase of hyper excitation with very rapid gill movement. As the anesthetic agent takes effect, gill retractions will slow

Administration of alfaxalone, via water immersion, as an induction and maintenance anesthesia agent provided rapid and reliable anesthesia of koi

If you need to handle a koi fish that is behaving in a lively fashion
You could employ a tactic called Spinning Simply Spin The Koi Fish
Gently With Your Hands for a minute or two while it is in the bowl
The causes the fish to become disoriented which in turns makes it
easier to handle without the need for a sedating agent
using your hands gently spin the koi fish with a circular
motion always working in the same direction
After a minute or two the koi should be quite or calm

Koi Anesthesia People also Ask

How much clove oil to sedate fish

Place 5 drops of clove oil and some water in a ziplock freezer bag for every 4 litres of water needed to submerge the fish. Shake well, then pour into container where fish will be sedated. Use water from the tank if possible and match tank temperature. An airstone would help to keep the mixture dispersed.

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