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kikokuryu koi

Kikokuryu (pronounced Key-Ko-Koo-Roo)is always a metallic and always a doitsu (scaless or partially scaled) variety of Koi or Butterfly Koi. Metallic refers to skin, color, and pec fins having a lustrous sheen to them.

THIS BREED DOES NOT STAY PERMANTLY BLUE, or any color that comes from that changing black.

This variety was created by breeding Komonryu and Platinum koiKikokuryu is essentially a metallic Kumonryu, a koi with shiny Platinum skin and fins with deep

The production of Koi which fall into the varieties Kikokuryu, Kin Kikokuryu and Beni Kikokuryu seems to be increasing enormously

There are many types of Kikokuryu from the standard white/black metallic look that originated from crossing Kumonryu with platinum

Kin Kikokuryu – Kikokuryu are scaleless (doitsu) koi with a white base combined with areas of black inside the single row of scales, 

 From the Japanese for “Chrysanthemum water,” the Kikokuryu koi fish (KEE-koh-KOO-droo) is a metallic, doitsu (or scaleless) koi with a white

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