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Karashigoi koi Variety and Characteristic

Karashigoi koi Variety and Characteristic 1
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A Karashigoi koi is a yellowish or mustard color looking Koi. It very much looks like a Chagoi, but is more yellowish. It is mono or single-colored. It looks light yellowish or can be a bit darker yellowish. The colors really can differ for each Karashigoi.

There are a few types of karashigoi. The Doitsu Karashigoi is scaleless or just has a few scales visible. The Ginrin Karashigoi has shiny diamonds visible on each scale. A normal Karashigoi can also be called the wagoi karashigoi.

The karashigoi is really a peaceful variety. They really calm down all the other Koi in your pond. It’s easy to hand-feed them and all other Koi most likely will start to follow them. If you want your Koi to be tame, the Karashigoi really is a great variety to look for. Together with Chagoi the Karashigoi is the most popular variety to get your own Koi more tame and calm.

Karashigoi is also known for its growth rate. They can grow very, very rapidly. As Tosai in their first year during the summer they can grow like 1 cm a week. So that can be really impressive!

How To Choose A good Karashigoi koi

Now when we talk about the selection process. There are a few things to keep in mind:

Karashigoi koi people also ask

What is a Karashigoi koi?
Lovely fish. Karashigoi translated means Mustard Koi, Just order one from Konishi via a dealer and you will know you have a genuine fish

Karashigoi vs Yamabuki

The difference between a Yamabuki Ogon and a Kigoi is that the Yamabuki, as Brad explained, has a metallic sheen over the entire body. The Kigoi and Karashigoi are monochromatic, meaning no shine, single colored koi along with Chagoi and Soragoi. Technically there is only “one” type of Kigoi. It has “red eyes”

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