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karashigoi koi fish Karashigoi Koi: Unlocking the Hidden Beauty of These Majestic Fish

karashigoi koi

Are you looking to add some color and calmness to your pond? Then the Karashigoi Koi might just be the perfect fish for you. With its stunning yellowish color and peaceful temperament, this type of Koi is a favorite among pond owners worldwide.

But what exactly is a Karashigoi Koi? Well, it’s a type of mono-colored Koi that comes in a range of yellowish hues. From light yellow to deeper mustard, each Karashigoi is unique in its coloration. And while it might resemble the Chagoi, the Karashigoi has its own distinctive charm.

One of the fascinating things about Karashigoi Koi is their incredible growth rate. These fish can grow rapidly, especially during their first year of life. In fact, during the summer months, a young Karashigoi can grow up to 1 cm per week! So, if you’re looking for a fish that will impress you with its growth, the Karashigoi is definitely worth considering.

But the Karashigoi is not just a pretty fish. It’s also known for its peaceful temperament, which can help to calm down other fish in your pond. If you’re looking to create a relaxing and tranquil environment in your backyard, adding a few Karashigoi Koi to your pond is a great way to do it.

When it comes to selecting a Karashigoi Koi, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, look for a fish that is as light as possible, with an even intensity of color over the entire body. Avoid fish with darker yellow or orange spots, and keep an eye out for any visible ginrin scales (unless you like that look!). The scales should be nicely placed, especially on the back of the fish, as this is the first thing you will see when it swims towards you.

In conclusion, the Karashigoi Koi is a beautiful, peaceful, and fascinating fish that’s well worth considering for your pond. With its stunning yellowish hues and impressive growth rate, this type of Koi is sure to grab the attention of anyone who sees it. So why not add a Karashigoi Koi to your pond and enjoy the wonder and tranquility it brings?

More informations about Karashigoi koi

A Karashigoi koi is a yellowish or mustard color looking Koi. It very much looks like a Chagoi, but is more yellowish. It is mono or single-colored. It looks light yellowish or can be a bit darker yellowish. The colors really can differ for each Karashigoi.

There are a few types of karashigoi. The Doitsu Karashigoi is scaleless or just has a few scales visible. The Ginrin Karashigoi has shiny diamonds visible on each scale. A normal Karashigoi can also be called the wagoi karashigoi.

The karashigoi is really a peaceful variety. They really calm down all the other Koi in your pond. It’s easy to hand-feed them and all other Koi most likely will start to follow them. If you want your Koi to be tame, the Karashigoi really is a great variety to look for. Together with Chagoi the Karashigoi is the most popular variety to get your own Koi more tame and calm.

Karashigoi is also known for its growth rate. They can grow very, very rapidly. As Tosai in their first year during the summer they can grow like 1 cm a week. So that can be really impressive!

How To Choose A good Karashigoi koi

Now when we talk about the selection process. There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • I prefer a Karashigoi that is as light as possible. Really really light yellow. Sometimes that yellow will become more intense when the Koi gets more sunlight.
  • You want to make sure the intensity of the color is the same over the entire Koi. Not that some parts are deeper yellow.
  • You don’t want darker yellow spots or orange-looking spots on the Koi.
    A Karashigoi normally won’t have black sumi’s or black spots. So that is something interesting.
  • I prefer to not have ginrin scales visible like ‘right in your face. It is preferable these are not that visible. Or only visible near the dorsal fin, where almost every Koi has a few ginrin scales visible.
  • The scales should be nice places, especially on the back of the Koi. This is the first thing you will see when it swims toward you.

Karashigoi koi people also ask

What is a Karashigoi koi?
Lovely fish. Karashigoi translated means Mustard Koi, Just order one from Konishi via a dealer and you will know you have a genuine fish

Karashigoi vs Yamabuki

The difference between a Yamabuki Ogon and a Kigoi is that the Yamabuki, as Brad explained, has a metallic sheen over the entire body. The Kigoi and Karashigoi are monochromatic, meaning no shine, single colored koi along with Chagoi and Soragoi. Technically there is only “one” type of Kigoi. It has “red eyes”