japanese koi vs local koi you need to know

Japan breed koi vs local bred

This is a question of newbies koi fish keepers and the sad part is the
get wrong answers from self-proclaim koi fish keepers experts in facebook groups

Others say that imported koi fish from Japan is bigger than local breed.

Others say it is more beautiful than local breed koi fish

What is the key difference between the locally bred fishes to that of the Japanese bred?

I was told that local bred will not have the same beni intensity compared to the japanese fishes. Any truth in this?

From genetic point of view, this should not be the case since the parents are from the same origin.

Is it due to the growth technical, environmental factor, nutrient
ratio, or even choice of parent crossing?

Beside all the above, the Japanese breeder went through extensive
study and try and error when choosing the oyagoi(parent koi).

The oyagoi preferred will have good body, big(well above 80cm
most of the time), good skin quality and flawless pattern.

Even with these condition, offsprings may still not up to their standard.

Extensive culling is carried out to maintain the standard as not all
babies produced are as good as their parent.

In local koi breeders, some breed their koi fish at very young age less than 3 years old.

Culling is not as strict as the Japanese’s breeders.

From the result of successful breeding of gosanke in Philippines
alone, many will agree with me that the result is way far from the Japanese.

Maybe non gosanke like chagoi or ogon can produce better result as
the chracteristic are less demanded compare to gosanke.

Last but not least, the environment, ponds and skill growing
offspring are very essential in producing good kois.

The Japanese breeders have almost 100 years experience in this
industry and for a local breeder to achieve the same standard may require a lot of catching up.

Not impossible but a lot of time, study and money required.

difference between koi and carp

Koi are domesticated common carp (Cyprinus carpio) that are
selected or culled for color; they are not a different species, but a
subspecies, and will revert to the original coloration within a few
generations if allowed to breed freely.

The length of a koi can average up to about 3.28 feet.


are carp and koi the same thing

The final big difference between the common carp and koi fish lay in their scales.

While both carp and koi can lack scales altogether (these fish are
called leather koi/carp) when they do have scales a koi fish’s scales
are smaller, more regular, and more curved than the common carp’s scales.

common koi fish habitat

Where do koi fish live?
Koi fish originates from Eastern Asia. This fish lives in fresh waters. Thanks to its beauty and increased popularity in the past century,
koi fish can be found in the ponds throughout the world.

carp colors

Some of the colors common for koi fish are red, yellow, orange, black, blue, and white.

The common carp on the other hand is almost always a dark brown
or golden brown color which fades into a lighter hue near the fins and belly


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