10 Best Design Ideas about japanese koi fish craft

japanese koi fish craft Design Ideas about Koi Fish

Koi Fish is beautiful and colorful. This beautiful fish has been used
as a design symbol for many implementations around the world.

Linked to Chinese history, Koi fish designs have now been adopted around the world.

It is not uncommon to see daily use items like printed Custom
Boxes with this colorful and beautiful design implementation.

Here are a few design implementation ideas about Koi Fish that can
make your belongings look beautiful and unique:

koi fish in lily pond all about koi fish


1: Printed Shirts with Koi Fish

The very first and one of the most popular Koi Fish design idea is to have it printed on shirts and tops.

This colorful fish will always look great on t-shirts and fancy dresses
making the wearer look attractive and unique.

Get this printed design on your white or black colored t-shirts and
your party tops are ready to impress everyone.

Extending further into this idea, this printed design can also be
used for other tops like hoodies, jerseys, zippers and many other ones.

Koi fish shirt doodle art design red color for sale

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2: Brilliant Koi Fish Tattoos

Tattoos are universally popular and people go great lengths to make
their body look attractive and unique.

Koi Fish Tattoos are some of the most popular ones around the world.

This fish symbol carries different history for different parts of the
world and its beautiful colors never fall short of an impressive look.

Whether you have Koi Fish Tattoos on your forearms, shoulders,
chest, back or legs, they will always look great.

Black Koi Fish tattoo looks great too but to make this one stand out
from the rest, get colored one with its natural color combinations.

koi fish meaning behind koi fish tattoo

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3: Koi Fish Custom Printed Boxes

Custom Printed Boxes are probably the most popular single item all of us come across on a daily basis.

Products from different industries, types and characteristics
necessarily use printed packaging boxes in their shipping and retail

Having Koi Fish custom printed designs on your packaging boxes is
a great idea for many types of products.

Apparel and fashion clothing, small or large shipping and also any
other boxes for Chinese items or products can use this colorful design beautifully.

This beautiful natural printed design will always make people look
at your packaging boxes and products inside more.

koi printed boxes for chinese foods

4: Koi Fish Printed Boxes for Chinese Foods

Although Koi Fish is not definitely Chinese in its origin, it has strongly been linked to it.

For Chinese restaurant owners who want to make their foods feel
more Chinese, Koi Fish designs on your boxes is a great idea.

Food Box Packaging is usually made from cardstock or other print-friendly materials.

These can easily be printed on and when done so with this natural
and colorful design, the whole box will look great at all times.

Some Chinese food restaurants or takeaways even go to lengths of
including Koi Fish in their brand logo.

Any way you can get this colorful wonder on your boxes will suit them greatly.


koi fish printed banners for chinese themed school party

5: Koi Fish Printed Banners for a Chinese Themed School Party

Got a Chinese themed school party to organize? No better way than use printed designs that look just Chinese in their makeover.

You can get Chinese style Koi Fish printed banners in any sizes and
with any required texts or other designs.

These can be perfectly used for your school parties. Kids will love
the color and your whole party will take a Chinese style look
making everything look appropriate and suitable.

Mix in any other Chinese style designs including wall, window or
furniture stickers and your Chinese party is ready to rock n roll.

koi fish laptop and technology

6: Koi Fish Laptop and Technology Decals

Technology products like Laptops, iPads, Smartphones and many
other products are some of the most popular general items today.

People use personalization special skins and decals for their
technology items to customize them their own way and also to
protect them from scratches etc.

Quality Koi Fish decals can be made available by suppliers or you
can have these printed for yourself from the local printer.

Covering your technology devices up beautifully, these also add
that bit of color to them making them look great.

Get these decals in thick paper or plastic materials and they will
keep your devices scratch-free on the inside as well.


macbook koi fish print

7: Car Decals with Koi Fish Designs

Similarly, this beautiful Koi Fish design can also be used on cars and vehicles.

People usually use car decals in all kinds of designs and colors to
add custom designs of their own preference.

The beautiful colors of Koi Fish along with its iconic look can make any car or vehicle look appealing.

Get these on your car’s hoods, windows, boots or doors and create a
unique look loved by you and everyone around you as well.

Car Decals with Koi Fish Designs

8: Artistic Koi Fish Paintings and Drawings

Home and interiors of all types use paintings and drawings to make their walls look great. Beautiful Koi Fish paintings done by hand are truly a great piece of art to look at.

If you are pretty good with painting, you can print these yourself.

If not, art galleries also sell beautifully painted drawings and picture
frames in all sizes that can look great in any type of interior setting.

You just have to find the right painting from the right supplier. Have these packaged in Koi Fish printed Custom Boxes and complete the look all the way through.

9: Koi Fish 3D Printed Artworks

3D printed artworks are becoming more popular every day. Koi Fish 3D printed pieces in the correct color can make your interior alive and beautiful.

3D printers can now be found much more commonly as well.

These produce artworks that almost look like the fish has just been taken out of water.

Get these beautiful artworks in durable Custom Printed Boxes to keep them safe as well.

chinese calligraphy 9 koi fish feng shui painting

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10: Koi Fish Stickers for Daily Use Items

To know how beautiful Koi fish looks in all its glory, you only have to Google it and go to images.

When you have something as beautiful as this, why not use it in more daily use items.

High quality sticker and decal providers offer Koi Fish stickers that
can be applied on any surface or object.

You can use these on your bags, sports accessories, cupboards, glass
windows or any other surfaces or objects you use a lot every day.

This colorful and beautiful wonder of nature will look any surface
or object look great that it finds itself on including fancy Box Packaging items.

koi fish stickers

japanese koi fish craft people ask

How big a koi fish can get?

Most domestic Koi usually grow about 12 to 15 inches long. Japanese Koi usually grow 22 to 26 inches in long. Jumbo sized Koi grow up to 34 to 36 inches long. Does the size of the pond hinder a Koi’s growth?

Do koi fish like to be pet?

Koi are truly friendly and will not eat other fish or fight with each other. If you are mixing species, make sure the same can be said for the other types of fish in your pond before adding koi. … Some koi even like to be pet and will come to the surface for a little pat on the head.

Are koi fish dangerous to humans?

When large number of koi fish inhabit same pond, level of ammonia can increase rapidly and induce poisoning of fish. Although life in community can be dangerous, koi fish enjoy company of other koi fish. … Koi fish can mate with goldfish because they are closely related. However, they produce sterile offspring.

Why are koi fish so special?

Why are koi fish so popular – What do they signify? … Koi fish are always at ease in the water, flowing as the tide runs deep under water. Feng shui, a spiritual form of organization and placement of objects, says that having the spirit of the koi near you will attract good luck, fortune, and spiritual benefits.

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