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4 Convincing Reasons Each Student Should Keep a Goldfish

how to care for a goldfish

When they think about having a pet, many people think of cats or dogs as their companions. Taking care of fishes and having an aquarium is not something that many people would die for. As for the students, they are part of a distinctive category. When you are in college, getting a pet is one of the least exciting activities that you could have. Still, while having a dog can help you become more mature and responsible, keeping a goldfish can bring many more advantages. If you want to discover more about the reasons why students should keep a goldfish, then you should continue reading this article.

4 Convincing Reasons Each Student Should Keep a Goldfish

  1. Goldfish helps reduce stress levels

Students have many challenges to struggle with during their college life. You will have to work on various projects or write essays on different topics. For articles, you can get the help of specialized writing services like GrabMyEssayTrustMyPaperStudicus, or BestEssay.Education. But goldfish can also make a difference in improving your performance. Research has shown that watching fish aquariums helps people reduce their blood pressure and anxiety. So, this is the perfect solution for a stressed student who is in the middle of the exam session. Apart from being low maintenance, goldfish will also help you lower your stress level and help you become more optimistic about the results you will get in your exams. Spending 10 minutes watching your goldfish aquarium will relax any student considerably. The more time you spend in front of the aquarium, the better you will feel for the rest of the day.

  1. Easy maintenance

If you are determined to have a pet, but you are afraid of the maintenance costs and work, then goldfish is the perfect solution. Goldfish are very accessible and available immediately. All you need to do is go to any pet shop, and you will discover a variety of goldfish to choose from. In comparison to a dog or a cat, the cases when you have to take the goldfish to the vet are almost inexistent. Also, a goldfish will never make noise and disturb your neighbors or roommates. When you get a dog or cat, you will have to pay attention to the things in your room and make sure that you groom it frequently. If you buy a goldfish, all you need is an aquarium with clean water. Besides, in comparison to other fish species, goldfish don’t need any heater and don’t require any warm temperature.

  1. Keeping a goldfish aquarium fosters creativity

How many aquariums have you seen that looked the same? Keeping goldfish is a great thing because it promotes your creativity. They have different vivid colors, stimulating their owner’s imagination. Buying goldfish and arranging their aquarium is excellent as you will be able to use your imagination to make it look great. Also, you can take things further and design the aquarium so that it matches the room and your personality. Besides, there are various ornaments and aquarium plants available on the market to inspire you. Depending on your goldfish colors and shapes, you can create a unique habitat that helps them live in a healthy environment and relaxes you when you watch it, as well.

  1. A goldfish will never ruin your carpet or scratch your sofa

How many times have you arrived at home and discovered that your carpet is dirty, or your favorite sofa is full of scratches? Such situations appear when you have a dog or a cat. Even though they are very active and make your day funnier, they can also become very messy. A goldfish will never cause such troubles. All you need for it is an aquarium and a place in your room where to put it. Also, your neighbors or roommate will never complain about the noise as the goldfish doesn’t make any sound. Besides, they can also be entertaining. If you pay attention to them, you will see that they do tricks in the water or play too, chasing each other in the aquarium. So, you will not get bored when you have a goldfish in your room.


A student’s schedule can become hectic sometimes. Even though you feel alone in your room and you need a warm soul to keep you company, it is difficult to have a dog or a cat as a pet. Apart from being low-maintenance, goldfish brings many other advantages. For instance, they help in reducing anxiety levels and blood pressure. Thus, you will feel less stressed and get a more optimistic perspective of the world. Besides, keeping a goldfish is considerably less expensive than having a different type of pet. You will find goldfish in any pet shop and you can buy the ornaments for the aquarium as many as you wish. So, apart from helping you with anxiety, keeping a goldfish is also very cost-efficient.

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