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How to become a technical designer – 3 components of the profession

In this article, we will highlight three main aspects of the work of a designer that affect professional development and share our thoughts on why it is important to be able to come up with cool ideas, how designers can organize their time, and why they need to free their heads.


To become a good designer, you just have to work very hard and be less afraid. It is much better to immediately cope with a large number of tasks than to think about everything for a long time at first, but never get to work. There is nothing you can do about it, you just need to gain experience. This applies to any profession. Experience will help you to find an occupation as a interior designer or you can find truss designer jobs at Jooble. If you are just starting to work as a designer, you can try to copy the works of masters.

If you need to make a project, you can first copy everything from a high-quality example. So you will understand how it works, how it works inside. You yourself would have mastered the basics for a long time: how to build a whole project correctly, and arrange the elements. Everything has already been found in the existing drawing. Experience is an area that is difficult to explain. It is not always clear how you came to a specific result. This is the complexity of the profession because the designers need to be able to explain their decisions.

Personal qualities

Of course, an analytical mindset and creative abilities are required from a person. On the one hand, this profession involves the ability to create – draw, invent, and model. On the other hand, it implies a deep knowledge of technologies and specialized software. In order to be highly quoted on the market and become a sought-after specialist, it is necessary, for example, to master Autodesk Fusion 360 software for 3D modeling and design. It will not work out quickly to become a pro, and in order to get a hand in the design, you need not be afraid to take on new projects, train and work with the best market players – this is the only way to be on the cutting edge and absorb the most up-to-date information.

But there are also common qualities, without which it is difficult to become an industrial or technical designer. For example, the ability to empathize – it is extremely important for a designer to observe people, find points of frustration of the user with different objects, and then solve these problems. The specialist notices all the problems and tries to avoid them in future products. Therefore, another important quality is observation.

Human qualities are not determined by education. His role is to organize knowledge, skills, and processes. But natural curiosity, multiplied by the ability to extract information from a variety of channels acquired in the learning process, watchfulness is something without which it is difficult to become a designer.

Your mind and the ability to create

If you look at young children, they are always building, making, and creating something. The desire to create, to learn new things, and to believe in the best, is characteristic of all of us.

However, you can draw cool because you have experience and creativity. You know the difference between good and bad because you have a lot of watchfulness. But some general ideas may be missing. You can draw some good pictures, but they will not get into the project. Design is the translation of the verbal into the nonverbal. First, you articulate, and then you translate into visual language.

Release the head: how to structure ideas and time

The ideas that come to mind should not just be structured in the head, they should be recorded. If you do not write it down, then you will be thinking about this idea and you will not be able to get it out of your head. Or you will just forget.

There are only 3 seats for ideas in the head. If you think about three ideas, then the fourth one just will not come – that is how human thinking works. Therefore, the designers need to write down and free their heads. Another option is to try blogging.


All three components of the designer’s profession are important. If you know how to come up with cool ideas and have seen a lot of things, you understand what is beautiful and what is not, but you do not know how to draw – no one needs you. All art directors in agencies are drawing people. In no aspect can you fall out.


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