Five Reasons Why It’s Worth Keeping A Dog And A Child Together

Five Reasons Why It’s Worth Keeping A Dog And A Child Together

The presence of an animal in the apartment positively affects all household members. Dogs are great teachers. And what can they teach these youngsters?

A small child and a dog are an explosive mixture – you can sometimes hear it. Yes, such a duo is a challenge for the whole family, but it is really worth facing. Everyone will benefit because dogs teach us many things! See for yourself! SmartDogLover explains you the beautiful relationship between dog and child.

1.Dogs teach responsibility

There is no illusion that a dog will take care of a child, even if it is already bigger. The parent is always responsible for the animal. Only the bigger the child, the more tasks he can do. But already small children are able to comb a pet, wash his bowls or go out – of course, in the company of parents – with a pooch for walks. Performing even such simple activities is already help for adults and learning responsibility for the youngest.

Tiny children who are in a wheelchair or are carried in a shawl during walks, quickly notice that trips to the court are accompanied by a dog. The animal walking next to the pram is not only an attraction for them. Toddler also learns that going out with a dog for a walk is something obvious and nice, not an unpleasant duty.

What is the most important thing in all this? Children learn by observation. So, if they see how parents deal with a dog – a family member – from a small age, they will do the same. It is not enough to talk about what the care of a dog is all about. You just have to show it systematically, and the desirable behaviors will enter the children ‘s blood.

2. Dogs teach love above all else

Your dog is too fat or too skinny? Is he old, gray and limp or maybe this puppy destroying everything ? Is this a giant or a few-kilogram thumbnail? Not relevant! Your child will accept – and certainly will love – a dog as he is, regardless of his faults. When you have a dog, your toddler learns that the living entities for which we have taken responsibility must be looked after. Even if we change our plans (we move, we go on holiday). In addition, we must love them also when they cause problems (the puppy bit his favorite shoes, and the older dog urinated on the new carpet).

A child who has a dog at home, knows that the ugly can be beautiful too – for example, when a beloved pet is the world’s ugliest mutt from a shelter. In addition, that the disease or old age is not a sentence – a limping fifteen year old dog can be the greatest friend. These are lessons of love and tolerance that will be useful to the child (but also to many adults) and will remain in it for life.

3. Dogs teach empathy

It is well known that newborns are only focused on their needs. Over time, this changes and several years of children learn to see that the needs of mothers or dads can be equally important. The presence of a dog at home can be perfectly used to learn this skill – after all, you need to look after a dog. And the matter is all the more difficult because the dog will not ask what he needs. To ensure health and well-being, it should be observed, which can be an interesting challenge for a few-year-old child. Does the dog have fresh water in the bowl? Is he full? Or maybe it’s time to go out for a walk with him ?

Involvement of a child from the very beginning in the care of a dog is an excellent lesson of empathy, noticing the needs of other beings and the integration of the whole family, along with its four-legged member.

4. Dogs teach to respect the needs of other beings

One of the things that a child who has a dog at home will have to learn is to respect the space of the pet. That the pet has the right to rest and a place where no one will disturb him. The child should know when the dog is fed up and it will be best for everyone’s safety if at any given moment they are left alone.

Of course, constant supervision over the dog-child relationship belongs to the parents. But it is important that a few-year-old would be able to recognize the basic signals sent by the animal, or the dog’s body language .

This is also a perfect learning for a child. Dogs teach toddlers that they are not always willing to play, that they need to respect the need of another being and that the relationship is successful when it is a pleasure for both parties. Kilkulatkowi may be sorry that the beloved favorite runs away from him. However, this is a great time to talk to your child and explain that the dog may not have humor for fun.

Or maybe the child behaves in a way that the dog does not respond (pulls at the tail, screams)? It is worth discussing and learning a lesson from the feeling of rejection, which the child will often face in life.

It is not difficult to imagine the opposite situation – the child wants to eat dinner in peace, and the dog demands the nibbles from the table. Or the toddler is playing with his toys, which the dog suddenly wanted.

The role of the parent is to give the dog the command “in place” and make sure that the animal does not disturb the child – after all, respecting the needs must work in both directions. In time, when the child will be a bit older, it will be able to give the dog commands that he will listen to – if of course we, adults, put some work into this relationship.

5. Dogs can be the best friends

A balanced dog can be your child’s best friend . Why? Because a toddler can entrust a dog with his secrets – which he would not reveal to anyone else – cry, say something that is afraid or ashamed, and the animal will always listen to it, give it to anyone and never criticize it. Sounds plain, but for many shy children or those who do not feel comfortable in the family or are not accepted at school, the dog may be the only certain element in life, give such a sense of security.

No wonder that dogs are used in therapy and trained to help children with problems. It was noticed that kids who have difficulty with reading, dare when their listener is not a mother, a teacher or a friend, but just … a quadruped. That’s why the world is already doing reading lessons aloud, which consist in the fact that children read to dogs and cats. The effects are surprising!

Author: Giovanni Carlo

I am a koi fish keeper and breeder a husband of beautiful wife Maybel and beautiful daughter May Carl I have been in fish keeping hobby for over 35 years. Like many kids in the 80's We catch fish in the rivers and canals and kept it in the "pasong" local visayan name for pond. or a large mayo bottle since We don't have aquariums yet on that time. decades later their is a small petshop open in my place and that starts me from buying aquarium and fishes that are sold in the pet store decades later start growing goldfish and koi fish until today.

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