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chinese lionhead goldfish

lionhead goldfish

The Lionhead Goldfish, or Chinese Lionhead Goldfish, is one of the older varieties of fancy goldfish. In China, this fish was bred to develop a “hood” that depicts

Lionheads were bred in China to depict the image of the mythical Chinese lion-dog (the shishi, in Japanese legend). … They were introduced to Japan from China

The lion head goldfish is a form of a fancy goldfish that is bred in China and developed to resemble the mythical Chinese lion-dog.

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A painting of Chinese/Japanese lion-dogs. Lionhead goldfish were bred to mimic the appearance of this mythological

Lionhead (above)
This young fish has
yet to develop its
hood. Special diets are
available to promote
the hood’s growth.

Tips for Keeping Lionhead Goldfish

            Although named after a ferocious, carnivorous wild animal, the lion head goldfish is actually quite mild in nature. 

Its only similarity appears to be in the rather unusual headdress that the fish sports.  That feature alone is enough to set the fish apart from other goldfish, and also enough to make them a popular choice with fish enthusiasts.

 One of the most popular hobbies in the entire world today is keeping fish, and for good reason. 

There is something therapeutic about gazing upon fish swimming contentedly through an aquarium at the end of a stressful day at work. 

Their aquatic world presents a serene, calm sensation; one without care, problems or anxiety. 

The simple act of watching the fish gently sway through the waters brings peace and tranquility to the viewer, and soothes away all pressures of the outside world. 

It is fully understandable how this hobby can become an addictive one. 

            There are many types of popular fish that are kept in aquariums; fish of all colors, shapes and sizes. 

Choosing which fish to keep is a matter of personal preference, one that may be determined by the size of the aquarium, whether they are tropical or common fish or perhaps just a choice of favorites. 

On type of fish that is often desired yet infrequently available is the lionhead goldfish. 

            Although there are many types of goldfish, the lionhead is truly unique in its appearance; bearing a head covering called a wen that can be likened to the mane of a lion. 

It is typically larger than most goldfish, in the most favorable conditions growing to over 10 inches in length. 

Over the years since its origination in the 1600’s, the fish has adopted other unique features, as well, including a deep arch in the back of the fish just before the tail. 

A marked feature of the fish is the total lack of any dorsal fin. 

Their colors vary from orange, mixed orange and white, red and black.  Other colorations are possible.

            Water levels are an important factor with the lionhead.  A minimum of 20 gallons of waters should be maintained in order for a lionhead goldfish to perform optimally and to grow to its full potential. 

Temperature is not as much of a consideration, as this goldfish can endure a wide temperature range. 

Oxygen levels in the water may not be as important while the fish is young as it could be when they mature. 

This is because the hood on the head may begin to obstruct their gills and make it more difficult to breathe. 

This same overgrowth can affect the lionhead’s eyesight as well, and will require more attention to be paid to how it is feeding. 

If the fish is unable to see the food, it may not be able to get to it to be nourished.  Placing the food close to the fish will ensure it can eat. 

            As with most types of aquarium fish, lionheads should be placed with compatible fish. 

While the lionhead is not an aggressive fish, it is a slow swimmer and should be combined with other slow swimming fish. 

This will help the lionhead to get enough food to flourish.  This variety of goldfish is not a picky eater; feeding it fish flakes, pellets and small bits of vegetables will keep it healthy and growing. 

            For experienced as well as beginner aquarium fans, the lionhead goldfish will prove to be an enchanting member of their home style aquatic world. 

Keeping them will require little work, but you will be rewarded with a great deal of enjoyment and tranquility.

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lionhead goldfish

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These goldfish need to be kept in a well-maintained tank with plenty of space and a proper diet. Minimum tank size is 10 gallons, so make sure water changes are frequent in such a small tank. Regular weekly water changes of 1/4 to 1/3 are strongly recommended to keep these fish healthy.

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lionhead goldfish behavior The Lionhead goldfish can be recognized by its well developed head growth(​wen). The distinctive raspberry or lion’s mane appearance of the Chinese

baby lionhead goldfish

When they are first born, the fry is black or dark brown in color, rather than red or red white.

lionhead goldfish facts

The Lionhead Goldfish is an egg-shaped variety of goldfish. The body is short and stubby, and they have a double caudal (tail) fin and a double anal fin. Lionhead Goldfish will generally reach about 5 inches (13 cm), though some hobbyists report their Lionheads reaching more than a whopping 10″ (25 cm).

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These guys are more complicated and there are many pointers to pick a quality fish but basic features might be these.

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