koi care Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Take Care of Their Koi

Koi fish color meaning in koi fish tattoo what you need to know 2019koi care Koi grow quickly and get very large. Keep mature koi in an outdoor pond of at least 3 feet deep, with at least 50 gallons of water per fish. Young koi can be kept indoors in an aquarium of at […]

zen koi How to Bring Total Harmony to Your Life

The koi fish has many interpretations, from advancement and a determination to good fortune and even representations of courage. In a koi pond, they symbolize love and friendship. The koi are beautiful creatures that are celebrated in motifs and backyard designs by people of all backgrounds, and for a good reason. They help harmonize a […]

pond fountain How A Floating Fountain Promotes A Livelier Pond

No pond owner would like to see their pond lifeless. In the same way, a pond with a foul smell is not what anyone would look forward to. Apart from treating weeds and algae, it pays to keep your pond healthy. A pond in a bad state is a result of excess nutrients, decayed leaves, […]

how to build trapal pond

Steps in Building Trapal pond Step 1 I cut bamboo pole into sticks watch video below   Step 2 I assemble the frame watch the video below   Step 3 I install the trapal tarpaulin an cheap alternative to pond liner Watch video below Note. Please don’t expose the trapal pond direct sunlight it will make […]

how to build a koi pond for breeding

how to build a koi pond If you are planning to breed koi fish , then you must start out on the right foot. You cannot simply find someone who is selling koi, bring a few back home with you, then toss them into a five-gallons of water bucket and expect them to thrive in […]

Koi Fish Interest per Region in the Philippines you need to know

This status is from google trends. This status is from the past 12 months from today 5/24/2018 The top region is Western Visayas at 100 search Next is Davao Region with 97 search Then Central Visayas 93 search Northern Mindanao with 74 search Central Luzon with 64 search Calabarzon with 53 search Metro Manila with […]

2nd Buglasan Koi Show 2017 you need to know

PROGRAM OF ACTIVITIES October 20-22, 2017 DAY 1 – October 20, 2017 9:00 AM – 12:00 MN – Ingress and Benching of Koi DAY 2 – October 21, 2017 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM – Opening Ceremonies Invocation Philippine National Anthem Lalawigan kong Mahal Welcome Address Special Message Intermission Number Cutting of Ribbon 1:00 PM […]

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