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how to feed your betta fish fry that you need to know quick and easy

My quick and easy low maintenance forget and harvest strategy in feeding and raising my betta fish fry.

The secret is my betta fry food there are many ways to feed betta fish fry you can feed them infusoria culture but this will be hassle since you need to make sure that you have successfully bloomed a infusuria culture and also feeding them brine shrimp is a hassle too since you will need to hatch the brine shrimp eggs and sometimes there are only a few of the brine shrimp eggs that will hatch, so my method is so simple and stress free . My steps are as follow

  • I culture magna daphnia in the container which I will be going to grow out my betta fish fry ahead or together when I breed my betta  fish so that the time when the betta fish fry are free swimming already and ready to be grow out I will just place it to the grow out with daphnia magna culture already stable.
  • I place the betta fish fry in the culture growout when they are free swimming already and then continue feeding the daphnia and don’t mind if there is a betta fish fry in there I just focus on feeding the daphnia culture and leave the betta fish fry. the betta fish fry will eat the newly born daphnia magna and newly hatch daphnia magna and the bigger daphnia magna serves as the filtration system since they will not be eaten by betta fish fry because they are large
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