types of koi The Different Varieties of Koi fish you need to know

Kohaku Taisho Sanke Showa Sanshoku Tancho koi Shiro Utsuri Hi Utsuri Ki Utsuri Asagi koi Shusui koi Matsuba Platinum Ogon Yamabuki Ogon Kujaku koi Hariwake koi Kikusui koi Kumonryu Koi Beni Kumonryu Chagoi koi Soragoi koi Ochiba Shigure Goromo koi Goshiki koi Kikokuryu koi Kin Kikokuryu Kin-Ki-Utsuri Kin-Showa Ginshiro There are fourteen different varieties of […]

koi pond maintenance tips Unveiled The 5 Most Effective Tips

Koi ponds are increasing in popularity. While you can choose various types of fishes for such ponds, koi fish is one of the most popular ones to keep in ponds. Besides, koi ponds are known to add serene beauty to homes. These fishes are usually much easier to raise, even for kids. Thus, they are […]

koi fish tanks guide in building a koi fish aquarium

koi fish tanks What size tank do you need for a koi fish? koi fish tanks So, if our 125-gallon tank will hold 1.25 12-inch koi, then it will hold 11 6-inch koi (1.25 X 9 = 11). It is essential to realize that as the koi fish grow, you will have to remove koi […]

koi pond design What you need to consider

koi pond design So, you’ve decided you want a koi pond in your backyard. Congratulations, it’s a great decision. Ponds aren’t just for keeping fish such as koi in, but they can also encourage other nature into your garden, provide a stunning focal point for visitors to admire and offer a source of relaxation – […]

betta fish care how to care for a betta fish you need to know

betta fish care how to care for a betta fish you need to know betta fish care betta fish care learn how to grow betta fish and breed them successfully   ORIGINS Southeast Asia, occurring in Thailand, although its exact range is uncertain. SIZE 21⁄4 in (6 cm). DIET Prepared foods and live foods. WATER […]

The best plants for your koi pond

koi pond plants not only look beautiful but can also serve to keep algae at bay. As a koi pond owner, you will probably also take pride in its appearance and upkeep, and if you have been searching for tips on the right kinds of plants for your koi pond, you have come to the […]

how to build a (koi pond) (water features) that you need to know

how to build a koi pond water features that you need to know koi pond water features Water Features for Your Garden Pond The conventional swimming pool has been the prominent feature in many gardens, but that is not the only option. Depending on the space, you can incorporate water features to improve the whole […]

most expensive koi fish New World Record 203Million Yen 101cm Sakai Kohaku – S Legend

most expensive koi fish Koi fish color meaning in koi fish tattoo what you need to know 2019New World Record 203 Million Yen Approximately Singapore Dollars $2.5 Million or USD $1.8 Million 101cm Sakai Kohaku – S Legend Grand Champion – All Japan Koi Show 2017 Offspring of Neo Universe Congratulations to Sakai Fish Farm […]

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