Why Is aquarium substrate Such An Important Part Of Your Aquarium?

aquarium substrate Some people who keep aquariums do think that making a sand bed for the aquarium is a bit of a nuisance and in fact also harmful for the fish. These sands would not do well for your live plants in the aquarium too, and would be difficult to maintain. Because sand contains fine […]

building a koi pond How to Create an Eco Environment for Your Koi Fish

Here’s another video of me installing the tarpaulin trapal cheap alternative pond liner Koi fish can be a beautiful, colorful addition to a garden, which is why many homeowners choose to incorporate them into their ponds. If you are considering adding koi into your landscape, find out how to create an eco-environment for your koi […]

aquaspeed submersible pump review

submersible pump review the Aquaspeed A 4000 here is my video below testing it’s output. I will make another video measuring its output using a 1 inch hose   Here is the updated part 2 video of the aquaspeed submersible pump review Below is a conversation in https://www.arowanafishtalk.com/ It seems that the review is negative […]

10 Best feng shui koi painting

Here are my 10 Best feng shui koi painting that I recommended for you to buy koi painting 1) 9 Beautiful koi fish with waterfalls and Lotus Flower  8 Colored beautiful koi fish, yondan kohaku or 3 steps kohaku, Godan or 4 Step kohaku, tancho kohaku and sanke and 1 Black koi fish shiro utsuri […]

What Do Koi Fish Eat 10 Quick Tips About koi food treats 2019

What Do Koi Fish Eat here are a long list of koi treats What Do Koi Fish Eat What kind of food does a koi fish eat? he fundamentals of feeding koi and goldfish. Koi (carp) and goldfish are non-aggressive omnivores — they will eat almost anything that won’t eat them first: plants, insects, snails, […]

feeding koi by hand will make you absolutely happy

feeding koi by hand You need to know (Hand Feeding Your Koi) make you absolutely happy actually feeding koi by hand how to make koi friendly One of the best features of Koi fish  is their lack of fear for humans. Once the Koi understand that you are not going to harm them, and that […]

ranchu goldfish fancy goldfish everything you need to know about

Black Ranchu This the darkest variety. Ranchus are not hardy, and need to over winter in aquariums in temperate areas Sporting a hood similar to the Lionhead’s, the Ranchu is the Japanese counterpart of that ancient Chinese breed. The Ranchu can be differentiated from the Lionhead by its shorter, more steeply curved body. As with […]

pond aerator how to add oxygen to koi pond

pond aerator koi pond needs oxygen since koi fish consumed all the disolve oxygen in the koi pond also helps promote the health of your koi pond read this article to understand aeration Your Koi need oxygen to breathe, just like you. Aeration places oxygen in the water so that the fish can breathe it […]

indoor koi pond 101 Quick Tips About Indoor Koi Pond

indoor koi pond Watch this video of my patron fish keeper indoor koi pond Watch this video the DIY filter can be used in a small indoor koi pond Koi fish color meaning in koi fish tattoo what you need to know 2019Photo by Barlo & Associates, Architects, LLC. – Look for living room pictures […]

showa koi fish

Showa koi fish Showa are one of the Gosanke or “Big 3” koi fish along with Taisho Sanke and Kohaku koi. Showa are beautiful koi, with colors of white, red, and black painted The stunning Showa koi fish fist came about in 1927, but the coloring did not reach its current perfection until 1965. After […]

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