how to care for guppy you need to know

how to care for guppy fry how to care for guppy Guppies are perhaps the most popular type of freshwater fish to keep in an aquarium. Luckily, they are fairly easy to keep as well. Guppies are hardy fish that can adjust easily to minor fluctuations in water quality.   However, don’t allow these fluctuations […]

differenty types of kohaku and genealogy history 2019

kohaku koi different types of kohaku you need to know 2019 In this article. I am discussing about different types of kohaku koi fish variety and its genalogy history. What are the kohaku koi fish ancestors and how they got their coloration and patterns that we see today. kohaku koi definition A koi fish variety […]

how to breed guppy fish 2019 Unveiled the effective secret

how to breed guppy fish guide steps by steps to follow   how to breed guppy fish Breeding Guppies Is Easy And Here You Will Find All The Information You Will Need Breeding Guppies Couldn’t be easier, it really is a good fish to start with. Sexual Characteristics Female guppy fish THE GRAVID SPOT Breeders […]

koi fish longboard: Our Top Picks

koi fish longboard The natural beauty of Koi fish, their distinct colors and patterns, and the way they elegantly dance across the water are among the reasons why Koi fish are very popular. There are more people owning – and even breeding – Koi fish than ever before. Our Giobel Koi Center family is growing […]

butterfly koi fish you need to know

butterfly koi fish Koi fish color meaning in koi fish tattoo what you need to know 2019 Here’s a video of my baby butterfly koi fish butterfly koi fish types There are three types of Bekko butterfly koi for sale at Ozark Fisheries. Most often confused with Utsuri, Bekkos are a red (Aka), white (Shiro) […]

5 potential koi pond problems

koi pond problems You’ve followed all of the right steps, and yet your Koi won’t breed. Don’t let another season pass without a success spawn.   Perhaps you should examine some of the common problems with Koi and determine if the solution might be altering something other than your breeding techniques.   The three most […]

koi fish facts Interesting fun koi fish facts

koi fish facts facts about fish (japanese koi fish) you need to know facts about fish the japanese koi fish why japanese koi fish keeping is fast growing now. The hobby of keeping Koi is a fascinating one that can become a lucrative business with a little research and a lot of work. Owning Koi […]

How do you transport long distance koi?

Transporting koi safely from one pond to another or to a koi show. The potentially harmful effects of continued stress. Oxygen in travel bags. For journeys significantly longer than an hour in hot weather, there will be an advantage if the transport water is cooled slightly by external ice packs. Bags should be double bagged […]

relaxing hobbies 10 koi fish therapeutic effects will make you feel better

relaxing hobbies Koi ponds can relieve stress. Having a tranquil and happy backyard is a wonderful way of relieving stress and getting in touch with one’s inner spirit. Koi pond owners often feel rejuvenated after spending time relaxing on the edge of the water. Koi ponds can relieve stress. Having a tranquil and happy backyard […]

showa koi fish

Showa koi fish Showa are one of the Gosanke or “Big 3” koi fish along with Taisho Sanke and Kohaku koi. Showa are beautiful koi, with colors of white, red, and black painted The stunning Showa koi fish fist came about in 1927, but the coloring did not reach its current perfection until 1965. After […]

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