saltwater fishing gear 10 Saltwater Fishing Tips That Will Make Fishing Experience Great

saltwater fishing gear Are you going to start fishing in saltwater? Then Definitely you want best saltwater fishing tips for you. If you search best saltwater fishing tips on the internet. You will get a lot of knowledge on many websites. Some websites will give best saltwater fishing tips to beginners and some will give […]

How to keep koi fish alive in winter (Winterizing Your Koi Pond)

how to keep a pond from freezing without electricity how to keep a pond from freezing without electricity Here are some answers from Quora.com Mark Goodwillie-If you have a faucet and have public water, you can allow it to drip. This brings in new water which comes from a pipe that is buried in the […]

Dog Develops Unique Friendship with Family’s Koi Fish

Buy the Koi fish Feng Shui Painting here 100 Years of Famous Dogs.the cutest video of all time here!     Your family is expanding to include a dog and koi fish. You are over the moon with glee over the new addition(s), but you are nervous about how they will get along. Do dogs […]

power outage? 5 things to do with your koi pond during power outage

power outage? 5 things to do with your koi pond during power outage power outage? 5 things to do with your koi pond during power outage power outage emergency in your koi pond What’s MOST important to Koi fish during a power outage? Koi require oxygen to live, and without an air pump or a […]

simple guide to aquarium filtration

simple guide to aquarium filtration To have poison free aquarium water, filtration process is a very important to aquarist. Since most aquarists are aware of the fact that their aquarium water accumulates harmful substances, which poison their fishes. To prevent this from happening there is need for filtration here’s the simple guide to aquarium filtration […]

koi fish tanks guide in building a koi fish aquarium

koi fish tanks What size tank do you need for a koi fish? koi fish tanks So, if our 125-gallon tank will hold 1.25 12-inch koi, then it will hold 11 6-inch koi (1.25 X 9 = 11). It is essential to realize that as the koi fish grow, you will have to remove koi […]

Why Is aquarium substrate Such An Important Part Of Your Aquarium?

aquarium substrate Some people who keep aquariums do think that making a sand bed for the aquarium is a bit of a nuisance and in fact also harmful for the fish. These sands would not do well for your live plants in the aquarium too, and would be difficult to maintain. Because sand contains fine […]

Hand feeding koi fish

Hand Feeding Your Koi  Hand feeding koi fish One of the best features of Koi is their lack of fear for humans. Once the Koi understand that you are not going to harm them, and that you are the one who provides them food, they will likely eat right out of your hand with the […]

Koi Communities Online

Koi Communities Online Koi Communities Online Koi pond keeping is quickly becoming a very popular hobby among fish enthusiasts. Koi proves to be an interesting hobby, as it is ever changing. /div>   The nature of this hobby makes it almost imperative to communicate with others who have knowledge in Koi and Koi pond keeping. […]

Garden koi pond Maintenance maintenance tips to keep healthy and clear

pond maintenance Ponds need regular maintenance if they are to provide fish with a healthy and safe environment. pond maintenance Problems are most likely to arise in the first year, before the pond isestablished, and are typically caused by overfeeding or overstocking. Frequent monitoring and an awareness of seasonal changes will help avoid the major […]

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