13th Chang Koi GrowOut Contest

In cooperation with Judge: OGATA KOI FARM Co., Ltd. Standard Tosai & Jumbo Tosai 2 Grow out in 1 event Soon!!! What is a Tosai koi? The meaning of Tosai, Nisai & Oya (Sansai) TVR. For those who are going into japan TVR. Tosai means same year fish. So if someone is selling a Tosai […]

wild betta fish How to Catch Wild Betta Fish

Wild Betta Fish. The betta fishes are uniquely beautiful fish, and they are found in unique environments, where other fish species are unlikely to survive. They are very colorful and beautiful fish, and you can find them on pet tanks at home. Betta fish care is usually easy, which is why people prefer them as […]

3rd Davao Koi Club Open Koi Show! 2019

Get you kois ready and join the 3rd Davao Koi Club Open Koi Show! Witness beautiful swimming jewels and learn the art of koi keeping from the judges, hobbyists, dealers, and enthusiasts. This is a great learning and fun activity for everyone! Join the show, learn new things, gain new friends, and maybe win some […]

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