Amazing Tips to Light up Your Outdoor koi pond fountain

For many homeowners around the world, the garden or the lawn is their favourite spot in their property. Several people use their garden to relax and enjoy a great time with the family members. For kids it also serves a great purpose for recreational activities. For elders, it is a nice place to unwind, chill […]

pond algae control how to get rid of algae in pond

Presence of algae is one of the greatest potential problems you are likely to find in your koi pond. There are various species of algae. In the light of pond management, the types of algae are divided into suspended and filamentous. Suspended algae is primitive minute single-celled species that appears as an algal bloom in […]

koi care Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Take Care of Their Koi

Koi fish color meaning in koi fish tattoo what you need to know 2019koi care Koi grow quickly and get very large. Keep mature koi in an outdoor pond of at least 3 feet deep, with at least 50 gallons of water per fish. Young koi can be kept indoors in an aquarium of at […]

zen koi How to Bring Total Harmony to Your Life

The koi fish has many interpretations, from advancement and a determination to good fortune and even representations of courage. In a koi pond, they symbolize love and friendship. The koi are beautiful creatures that are celebrated in motifs and backyard designs by people of all backgrounds, and for a good reason. They help harmonize a […]

pond fountain How A Floating Fountain Promotes A Livelier Pond

No pond owner would like to see their pond lifeless. In the same way, a pond with a foul smell is not what anyone would look forward to. Apart from treating weeds and algae, it pays to keep your pond healthy. A pond in a bad state is a result of excess nutrients, decayed leaves, […]

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