how to build trapal pond

Steps in Building Trapal pond Step 1 I cut bamboo pole into sticks watch video below   Step 2 I assemble the frame watch the video below   Step 3 I install the trapal tarpaulin an cheap alternative to pond liner Watch video below Note. Please don’t expose the trapal pond direct sunlight it will make […]

how to build a koi pond for breeding

how to build a koi pond If you are planning to breed koi fish , then you must start out on the right foot. You cannot simply find someone who is selling koi, bring a few back home with you, then toss them into a five-gallons of water bucket and expect them to thrive in […]

Companion Animals and the Elderly

Do you have an elderly relative you take care of? Is there an older adult living nearby you’d like to do something for? It’s becoming very popular for the elderly to have companion pets, and you might want to consider getting one for someone you know and care about. There are in fact, a number […]

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